Protecting Your Tree Assets From High Winds

When it comes to the long list of things to care for in regards to your home during severe weather, trees don’t always make it to the top of the list. However, proper tree maintenance can equate to a decrease in damage and an increase in savings whenever storms with high winds

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All Pruning Is Not Created Equal

Proper pruning of your trees is imperative not only for aesthetic appeal of your landscape, but also to maintain the health of your trees. For a new tree, pruning fosters healthy growth, sturdy branching structure, and necessary shaping. Pruning can also help in the building of the strength of a tree

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Certified Arborist designation means expert is on board

If prequalifying improves the experience of buying a home or car, imagine applying that process to the care of trees at your home or business by hiring a International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist.  While not a PhD or M.D., these “tree doctors” have undergone on going recertification testing and intense

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Contact A Certified Arborist To Prepare For Hurricanes

Tropical depressions provide a dress rehearsal for hurricane season but Houston residents should be ready for the real thing by planning and preparing ahead of the storm, minimizing the risk for tree damage or storm damage. Fallen trees accounted for 40 percent of all insurance claims after Hurricane Ike, according

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Certified Arborist Can Help Before, After Hurricane

Do you remember Hurricane Ike? The best approach to hurricane season is to make plans before and after a hurricane with a Certified Arborist.  Properly maintaining your trees will help eliminate hazards and reduce their threat to your family and property. Tree pruning not only eliminates hazardous deadwood and decayed limbs, but

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Celebrate Arbor Day By Planting Trees

When it comes to protecting your assets, risk mitigation works just as well for your property as for your financial investments.  Planting trees on your property, or properly maintaining existing mature trees are proven ways to increase the value of your home by eliminating risks and costs.  When tree trimming and tree maintenance is

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Tips for Hiring a Tree Care Company

Care for your trees needs to be done by skilled, trained and insured professionals, both for the health and beauty of your trees and for your personal safety. Ever year both tree care workers and homeowners are killed performing unsafe tree work. For your personal safety and financial protection, hire

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Are Your Pines Protected?

Southern Pine Beetle Alert! Many Houston area pine trees are being attacked by Pine Beetles. Embark Services’s trained and ISA Certified Arborists can provide a comprehensive plan to help protect your trees from damaging Pine Beetle infestation. We not only provide free estimates for the removal of damaged trees, we

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