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What Happens When a Drought Makes Your Tree More Fruitful?

With the recent drought conditions in Houston, many tree owners saw their fruit and nut trees suffer greatly last year with weakened trees and diminished production. This was especially true for pecan trees in Texas. In order to survive last year’s drought, pecan trees produced significantly fewer pecans with the

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Does My Tree Have a Tree Disease?

In our Gulf Coast climate, trees are an essential part of our landscape, providing much needed shade during hot weather, aesthetic beauty to our region, and food for our enjoyment. However, tree disease can severely damage trees of any size and age, requiring treatment, and in some cases, tree removal

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Are Your Drought Stricken Trees Ready For a Hurricane?

We are in Peak Hurricane Season! Hurricane season is in full swing and with the record-breaking Texas drought, there are lots of dry, dead limbs hanging in your trees. These could be very dangerous during a rain storm or strong wind conditions. The key to minimizing your risk against property

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Are You Watering Your Trees Enough?…….Or Too Much?

Water is essential for your tree’s growth and survival, but too much water can be detrimental.  How do you know you are watering enough?  A sufficient amount of water is 1-3 inches of water per week.  If your leaves are wilting or scorching, even after watering the specified amount, check

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What is TCIA Accreditation?

Embark Services is the first tree care company in Texas to become accredited through the Tree Care Company Accrediting program administered by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) and built on the three fold foundation of ethics, quality and consumer confidence.  Embark Services was also a recent recipient of TCIA’s 2011

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Embark Receives 2011 TCIA Safety Award

TCIA REPORTER FEBRUARY 2012 EDITION Embark Tree and Landscape Services, a TCIA-accredited company headquartered in Houston, Texas, has adopted what it calls Safety Behavior Assessment, or SBA.  The main objective of SBA is to observe and provide positive recognition to workers engaging in behaviors that promote the health and well being of

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Tree Care Tips

Planting trees on your property is a simple but effective method to improve your property’s aesthetic and economic value.  In addition, shade trees provide a great deal of energy savings, as well as reduce noise pollution in your community.  Before planting you will want to select the right location for

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Tree Benefit Calculator

Trees can offer a wide range of benefits, both aesthetic and financial benefits, so they are a great investment for your property.  If you are in need of tree maintenance for your existing trees, or if you want to plant more trees on your residential property, contact the tree care experts

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Hurricane Season is Coming – Take Action Now!

With Houston’s drought in full swing, the last thing on your mind is Hurricane Season. Don’t let the lack of rain delay your preparations! Take action now! Fallen trees accounted for 40 percent of all insurance claims after Hurricane Ike, according to one source. While Mother Nature is out of

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