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How Tree Pruning Now Can Help Your Property This Summer

Summers in Houston means hot temperatures, high humidity, and added stress for our residential properties. Because the severe summer weather can make it difficult for plants, grass, and trees to thrive, our properties need every bit of help they can get to survive the season and remain healthy and strong. In today’s blog post, we’ll examine tree pruning services, and why having this service performed now can benefit your trees in the summer.

Removes Dead or Damaged Branches

High winds, lightning, heavy foliage, insects, disease, or equipment misuse can hurt trees over time, causing damaged or dead limbs and branches. These broken or dying tree limbs should be removed before spring and summer growth begins, as it will allow your tree to expend its energy resources on new growth and healthy areas of the tree. It can also help prevent property damages or personal injuries from falling branches or debris.

Improves Sunlight

Strategic tree pruning allows residential properties to get ample sunlight throughout the spring and summer, improving lawn and landscape garden health. The property gets needed sunlight, strengthening plants and allowing them to thrive throughout the year. When performed correctly, tree pruning allows enough sunlight onto the property without eliminating all the valuable shade a tree can provide.

Promotes Proper Tree Growth

Although it’s good for trees to grow well and expand upward and outward, they’re not always planted in ideal locations to sustain constant growth and expansion. A tree’s poor location can mean that it grows too close to nearby homes, structures, or utility lines. Tree pruning can help ensure that a tree remains healthy and stable while also not interfering with or damaging nearby buildings or utility lines. It can also help ensure that the tree grows in an appealing shape, adding visual appeal to a property and improving its overall value.

Even in Houston’s harsh summer conditions, it’s possible to have residential trees that grow and thrive throughout the season. Embark Services is pleased to offer top quality Tree Care services for homeowners across the greater Houston area. Contact Embark Services today about our full range of Tree Care services, including Tree Pruning, Tree Planting, Tree Removal, Deep Root Fertilization, and Cabling and Bracing services.