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Why Property Owners Should Never Handle Tree Emergencies On Their Own

One of the truths about owning a home is that general maintenance and repairs will be needed over time. For example, homeowners may face leaky sinks, clogged gutters, a broken dishwasher, and lawn and tree maintenance. While most homeowners handle some of these repairs on their own, some are simply too dangerous to be attempted by homeowners. A prime example is a tree emergency, which is when a tree has a severe break or topples over completely, either because of weather, heavy branches, or tree disease. In today’s blog post, we explain why property owners should never handle clearing tree emergencies on their own.

Safety Concerns

The most important reason why property owners should never attempt to handle tree emergencies on their own is that it is unsafe and dangerous to remove broken tree debris or fallen trees. Tree debris can be extremely heavy and can cause a range of minor and severe injuries to property owners. In addition, attempting to move or cut fallen trees or debris can lead to additional property damages if not done correctly.

Proximity To Utilities

Toppled trees or tree debris may be in close proximity to utility lines and pipes, adding to the risk for property owners. Any attempt to move the debris could cause electrocution, as well as widespread outages or fires that impact nearby homes or businesses. This would lead to costly damages and repairs for the neighborhood.

Inability To Promptly Remove Debris

Property owners attempting debris or tree removal on their own might take too long because of a lack of equipment or manpower. This delay could create an environment that attracts insects and vermin. Instead, debris and tree removal should always be left to tree care professionals who can handle the job safely and efficiently. A prompt removal of debris and fallen trees encourages a faster recovery for the property.

Embark Services offers prompt, safe, and professional Tree Emergency Services to handle major tree debris or even total tree removal due to severe weather, tree diseases, or damaged trees. Our team can also perform Stump Grinding Services to remove unsightly tree stumps, and also allow property owners to repurpose the land where their damaged tree once stood. When a tree emergency occurs, make the safe choice and contact Embark Services immediately for safe and efficient service.