trees on commercial property

The Great Divide: Trees and Their Impact on Commercial Property

Imagine two commercial properties on the same street: one boasting a vibrant landscape teeming with mature trees, the other a stark expanse of asphalt and concrete. While both might serve the same purpose, their visual appeal, tenant satisfaction, and even property value can differ significantly. Today, we delve into the

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For the Love of Flowering Trees: Houston’s Spectacular Spring Symphony

Spring in Houston is a celebration of color. As the winter chill fades, our city explodes with vibrant blooms, transforming neighborhoods into living works of art. Here at Embark Services, we’re passionate about nurturing the trees that orchestrate this spectacular spring symphony – especially the magnificent flowering varieties. Flowering trees

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Blog 3

What You Should Know About Palm Tree Maintenance

Palm trees, with their graceful stature and iconic fronds, are a symbol of relaxation and beauty in many landscapes. They add a touch of the tropics to Houston’s diverse scenery, but like any plant, they require care and maintenance to stay healthy and stunning. While trimming is a crucial aspect

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Show You Care: How to Love Your Trees Year-Round in Houston

Think Valentine’s Day is just for loved ones? Think again! While showering your human companions with affection is important, there’s another special being often overlooked – the majestic tree standing tall in your yard. This year, extend your love beyond the typical and show your tree some appreciation with year-round care. Here in Houston, trees face

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Houston’s Trees: Weathering the Freeze with Flair and Fortitude

As Houstonians, we’re used to balmy breezes and sunshine. But even in our tropical paradise, the occasional dip into freezing temperatures can leave our beloved trees shivering and vulnerable. Fear not, tree huggers and nature enthusiasts! Embark Services is here with your guide to protecting your arboreal friends from the

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