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What You Should Know About Crepe Myrtle Trees

Texas is home to many tree types, but few are as popular among local homeowners as crepe myrtles. They offer stunning beauty for many months of the year while also providing valuable shade. While many residential properties feature crepe myrtles, not all receive good care or maintenance. In today’s Embark

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The Dangers Of Diagnosing Your Own Tree Issues

Becoming a homeowner means having a whole new set of responsibilities regarding maintenance and repairs on a home or property. While some projects are fine for homeowners to handle on their own, such as painting or cleaning gutters, other projects are best left to professionals to handle for safety and

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Do Your Trees Pose A Risk To People and Property?

Although trees can be the most beautiful and appealing part of a residential property, they can also be the most dangerous because of the risk they pose due to their size and location. In today’s Embark Services post, we discuss some tree risk factors that should be investigated and dealt

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Ways To Make Your Trees More Stable

In Texas, shade trees are some of the most valuable parts of a residential property because of the beauty they add and the shade they provide. However, trees can become unstable either because they aren’t planted properly, or they suffer weather damage and environmental stress. In today’s Embark Services blog

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How To Avoid Property Damage From Trees

People want beautiful trees that offer shade and aesthetic curb appeal, but no one ever wants the damages and expenses that can come from excessive tree growth or tree debris. Unfortunately, there are instances where the damages caused by trees far outweighs the benefits they provide to property owners. Today’s

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Three Factors To Consider When Adding A Tree To Your Property

Trees are some of the most important aspects of a residential landscape. In addition to providing beauty and tranquility to a property, they can also provide ample shade, which reduces heating and cooling costs while increasing property values. For residential properties with little to no trees on the site, adding

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Three Reasons Why Tree Pruning Is Good For Your Tree

To the casual observer, it might seem as though pruning branches off a tree might harm its health. After all, trees in the forests and woods aren’t pruned by anyone, and they grow just fine on their own. Plus, it’s hard to image how wounding a tree can do it

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What Is Leaf Scorch?

While we all want trees that are beautiful, healthy, and full of green foliage, the truth is that our trees can sometimes fall into poor health and display signs of distress. One of the most obvious signs that tree health is failing is when leaves turn brown and appear burnt,

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Blog 9

Four Signs Your Trees Need Maintenance Work

From afar, trees can appear in good health and relatively stable. However, a closer inspection can reveal problems ranging from the minor to the urgent, but many property owners don’t look at their trees close enough to notice until it’s too late and damage is done. The main issues are

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Blog 10

Three Ways Trees Can Help You Sell Your Home

When a homeowner decides to put their home on the market, the owner typically focuses on making the inside of the home look as appealing and welcoming as possible. They might go to the trouble of repainting, replacing fixtures and appliances, and even upgrading countertops and flooring. However, one of

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