pick the right tree

Tips to Pick Out the Right Tree for Your Landscape

Trees are great. Who doesn’t love trees? They are both beautiful and functional and can help enhance any property or garden. Want proof of that? Take a drive through the nicest neighborhood in your area and it’s likely that the boulevards and homes are lined with mature trees. If you

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How to Protect Your Trees from the Summer Heat

The trees at your home contribute to more than just the curb appeal. Trees add quality to your environment and provide important benefits to your home like shade, fruit, visual appeal, and protection from wind. As we enter in to a brutal Houston summer, it’s important to keep in mind

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hurricane preparedness

Hurricane Preparedness for Your Property

Why is it more important this year than the previous year’s when it comes to preparing your property for Hurricane season? Simply, the great freeze event of 2021 has left many trees and palms dead or in a very weakened declining state. These trees will be more prone to being

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