Blog 3

An Optimal Time For Tree Trimming

If you own residential property, you know that tree health is an important facet of maintaining your property’s value, both economic and aesthetic. However, knowing when to properly care for your trees is just as important as how to maintain them to ensure many years of stable tree health. As

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Blog 4

Minimizing Potential Hurricane and Storm Damage

All across the world, people have witnessed the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, resulting in widespread flooding, millions of homes and businesses without power, and tree and property damage throughout the Northeast. As residents of the Gulf Coast, we are also familiar with the destruction a hurricane or strong storm

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Blog 5

The Right Way and Wrong Way to Prune a Palm Tree

Tree pruning is a delicate process requiring skill and expertise, and is best performed by Certified Arborists who understand how best to trim and shape trees. This is especially true for palm trees, where one bad prune can lead to tree damage and possibly tree death. Sadly, too many palm trees are over

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Blog 6

The Benefits of Fall Fertilization

Tree care and landscape maintenance offers many benefits to property owners, but proper care is not simply a matter of watering, but is a year-long process that involves treatment and care at specific times during the seasons. While many property owners are aware that trees and landscapes should be fertilized in the spring,

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Blog 7

Why Soil Aeration Is Important

Having a thick, green lawn and healthy trees is not as simple as regularly watering your yard, or occasionally applying fertilizer. There are several recommended lawn care practices that can help ensure the health of your lawn and trees, although some are best left to lawn and tree care professionals.

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Blog 9

Why Hiring A Certified Arborist Matters

When it comes to tree care and maintenance, homeowners will often first try to handle tree pruning, tree disease treatment and tree removal themselves. These are time-consuming, physically challenging endeavors with a high amount of risk, both to the homeowner’s safety and to the rest of their property. After some

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Blog 10

What Happens When a Drought Makes Your Tree More Fruitful?

With the recent drought conditions in Houston, many tree owners saw their fruit and nut trees suffer greatly last year with weakened trees and diminished production. This was especially true for pecan trees in Texas. In order to survive last year’s drought, pecan trees produced significantly fewer pecans with the

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Blog 11

Does My Tree Have a Tree Disease?

In our Gulf Coast climate, trees are an essential part of our landscape, providing much needed shade during hot weather, aesthetic beauty to our region, and food for our enjoyment. However, tree disease can severely damage trees of any size and age, requiring treatment, and in some cases, tree removal

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Blog 12

Are Your Drought Stricken Trees Ready For a Hurricane?

We are in Peak Hurricane Season! Hurricane season is in full swing and with the record-breaking Texas drought, there are lots of dry, dead limbs hanging in your trees. These could be very dangerous during a rain storm or strong wind conditions. The key to minimizing your risk against property

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