Protect Your Trees From Lightning Strikes

The Houston area is home to thousands of beautiful, healthy trees in our parks, roadsides and in our neighborhoods, and these trees provide many significant benefits to our city. Trees improve our environment through reducing carbon dioxide levels, they offer much needed shade during hot summer months, and they beautify

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uprooted tree

Emergency Help When You Need It Most

There are many ways homeowners can prepare for severe weather or other disasters. Most people purchase insurance policies to protect themselves from severe financial losses, while some may reinforce and board up their homes and property to minimize physical damage. Others develop emergency survival plans in the event of tornadoes

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large tree

Celebrating The Beauty of Local Trees

In Texas, we like to celebrate all forms of natural beauty, from the thick piney forests of East Texas to the beaches of the Gulf Coast to the rolling hills of Central Texas. Of course, with everything being bigger in Texas, we are able to celebrate and enjoy the beauty

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fallen tree

Effective Hurricane Preparation Starts Now

Hurricane season officially begins June 1, and residents and property owners across the Gulf Coast and Houston area will begin to keep their eye on the Gulf of Mexico for any signs of hurricanes or tropical storms or depressions. Although hurricanes bring with them intense weather conditions such as heavy

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house with tree fallen on top of it

Protecting Your Property From Wind Damage

For Houston area property owners, the approaching summer doesn’t just mean the return of hot weather and pesky mosquitos, but also the beginning of hurricane season and severe summer storms. With hurricanes and summer storms come torrential rains, severe lightning and strong winds that can cause extensive damage. Although we

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area after a tree stump was ground

Leave Tree Stump Removals To The Professionals

If you are a residential property owner with trees on your land, there may come a time when you need a tree removed from your property. The need for tree removal can be caused by a variety of circumstances, such as trees dying because of the recent drought, root systems damaging nearby

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Transform Your Property With Professional Tree Trimming

In our information age, we can easily search the Internet for detailed instructions on how to do just about anything related to lawn maintenance and tree care. We can learn how to plant flowers, how to correctly apply mulch to our gardens, and the best time to plant vegetables and

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man with chainsaw cutting tree branch

The Many Dangers of Tree Trimming

There are many arduous tasks involved in regular property maintenance, from lawn maintenance to landscape garden upkeep to mulching. However, none of these property maintenance tasks are as difficult and dangerous as tree trimming. As part of property ownership and maintenance, regular tree trimming is important in protecting property values and promoting overall

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man using a machine to move large tree trunks into a truck

How Last Year’s Drought Impacts Your Tree Care This Year

Residential property owners throughout the greater Houston area witnessed unprecedented drought conditions in 2011 and 2012, and many trees and properties were impacted. Lawns and trees throughout the city perished due to the debilitating and long-standing period of little rain, and the environmental and aesthetic impact was substantial. The immediate

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a man trimming a tree

Factors To Consider Before Removing a Tree

Trees are an important part of our property and its overall value. They provide much needed shade in Houston’s hot and humid climate, and they add aesthetic value and noise reduction as well. However, trees on our property can become damaged over time or be the source of other problems

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