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How To Know When A Large Tree Needs Removal

Few things are as majestic, beautiful, and valuable than a large shade tree in Texas, especially during the summer months. Unfortunately, tall and established trees can become a problem for residential property owners over time. The important question for owners to consider is whether or not to remove their large

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Why Trees Need To Be Pruned Before Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is rapidly approaching the Gulf Coast region, and with this comes the threat of dangerous hurricanes and tropical storms. These powerful storms can lead to torrential rains, coastal flooding, and high winds that are capable of destroying trees, cars, homes, and businesses. Although homeowners take precautions to board

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Is Your Construction Project Damaging Nearby Trees?

On any residential property, trees are some of the most valuable assets for property owners. Not only can they provide ample shade and privacy, but they also add beauty, tranquility, and curb appeal. Unfortunately, Houston’s continued population and business growth have led to an increase in construction and renovation projects,

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How To Know If Your Tree Needs To Be Removed or Just Pruned

Trees are one of the most important aspects of a residential property, offering stunning beauty, valuable shade, and long-term value to the property. Unfortunately, over the course of a tree’s life, various factors can impact their health, stability, and value, leaving property owners unsure of whether or not the tree

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Blog 5

The Five Biggest Risks of Hiring Amateur Tree Crews

Residential property owners know that in order to keep trees healthy and beautiful, they require routine tree maintenance. Unfortunately, many property owners make the mistake of hiring amateur tree crews or day laborers to handle their tree care needs. Although these types of amateur crews might seem to save property

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Blog 6

How Much Are My Trees Really Worth?

Although many property owners have a general idea that trees add value to a property, few owners understand just how valuable healthy shade trees can be on a residential property. In addition to offering an aesthetic benefit to properties, tree can provide a financial value to property owners that pay

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What To Look For When Leaves Fall From Your Trees

Fall weather means the arrival of cooler temperatures, the return of seasonal décor, and the falling of tree leaves all across the city. Although falling leaves can be a nuisance for residential property owners to deal with, the bare spots they leave behind can reveal many significant factors and warning

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Blog 8

Why Dead Trees Need To Be Removed From Your Property

Some of the most important assets of a residential property are the trees, which provide desirable shade and aesthetic value. Unfortunately, issues such as tree damage, drought, tree diseases, and soil issues can lead to the death of these valuable trees. Although no property owner ever wants to experience losing

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Blog 9

How Can Nearby Construction Harm My Trees?

Houston’s stable and growing economy has led to a rash of new construction projects and development areas, from large mixed-use office and retail spaces to new home construction. Often this construction occurs near existing homes and businesses. Although noise and traffic are the most common results from nearby construction projects,

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Blog 10

Why Is Fall Fertilization Important For Trees?

Trees that grow in forests and other wooded areas don’t require the use of fertilizers and other supplements because of their nutrient-rich soil. Over time, falling leaves and tree debris decompose naturally and create a healthy, vibrant soil environment that allows trees and tree roots thrive. Unfortunately, urban and suburban

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