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Why Fall Is The Best Time To Plant Trees in Texas

As cooler weather finally begins to make its way to the Gulf Coast, many residential properties begin to see tree leaves change colors, drop leaves, and slow their growth. This also marks an ideal time to consider tree planting to give young trees their best chance for long-term health and

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Four Construction Projects That Can Damage Your Tree Roots

Houston continues to be one of the top cities in the U.S. for new construction projects and development. Although new residential communities are wonderful additions to the greater Houston area, the reality is that many healthy shade trees can be threatened because of damage to the tree roots during the

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How To Protect Your Trees From Severe Weather

A person only needs to be in Houston a short period of time to discover that the city’s weather can change in an instant, from hot and humid to cool and dry in just a matter of minutes. In addition to frequent weather changes, Houston is also vulnerable to drought,

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Blog 4

Does My Tree Need To Be Removed?

Mature trees offer residential property owners a wide range of important benefits, but trees can also become hazardous over time if not properly maintained. Unfortunately, too many property owners fail to get hazardous trees removed in time to prevent damages or injuries. Most of the delay comes because property owners

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Blog 5

Beware Of These Tree Dangers

Owning a tree comes with a myriad of benefits and long-term advantages, such as much-needed shade, beauty, privacy, cleaner air, and reduced cooling and energy costs. However, not all trees grow up to be beautiful and safe additions to a property. Unfortunately, some trees grow in such a way that

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Blog 6

What Are These Large Webs In My Tree?

There are some changes in a tree’s appearance that might seem normal to a property owner, while other changes might be a cause for concern. One of the more common areas of concern for residential property owners is the appearance of large swaths of silken webbing throughout their tree, mainly

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Blog 7

Three Reasons Why Trees Benefit From Certified Arborists

When we need medical advice, we could consult a friend, neighbor, relative, or website, but the best and safest course of action is to seek out a trained and licensed doctor or specialist that can give proper medical advice and treatment. The same is true for trees and their care.

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Blog 8

Is My Tree At Risk?

Trees are an integral part of Houston, especially those on residential properties that add beauty and value to the community. However, these property assets can be threatened by a number of causes, leading to major damages, added expenses for property owners, and the possible loss of the tree. In today’s

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Blog 9

Three Factors That Impact Tree Removal

When properly maintained, trees can grow and thrive for decades on residential lots. Unfortunately, trees may need to be removed from a property due to causes such as damage, diseases, drought, or other severe conditions. However, tree removal is not as simple as cutting down the tree as it stands.

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Blog 10

The Importance Of ANSI Compliance In Tree Care

In 1918, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) was created to develop a system of norms and conformity assessments for businesses to follow with the purpose of strengthening American industries. These voluntary industry standards help assure the safety and health of businesses by protecting employees and consumers, and ensuring workplace

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