Blog 1

Is My Tree At Risk?

Trees are an integral part of Houston, especially those on residential properties that add beauty and value to the community. However, these property assets can be threatened by a number of causes, leading to major damages, added expenses for property owners, and the possible loss of the tree. In today’s

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Blog 2

Three Factors That Impact Tree Removal

When properly maintained, trees can grow and thrive for decades on residential lots. Unfortunately, trees may need to be removed from a property due to causes such as damage, diseases, drought, or other severe conditions. However, tree removal is not as simple as cutting down the tree as it stands.

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Blog 3

The Importance Of ANSI Compliance In Tree Care

In 1918, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) was created to develop a system of norms and conformity assessments for businesses to follow with the purpose of strengthening American industries. These voluntary industry standards help assure the safety and health of businesses by protecting employees and consumers, and ensuring workplace

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Blog 4

The Dangers of Unsafe Trees, Part Two

Some of the most important assets on our property are the healthy and vibrant shade trees we enjoy. In our previous blog post, we discussed how trees on residential properties could become unsafe over time, either because of disease, damage, or uneven growth. In part two in our series on

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Blog 5

The Dangers of Unsafe Trees, Part One

Residential property owners will often make improvements and upgrades to make their landscape as safe as possible. However, trees on residential properties can sometimes pose a threat to pedestrians, vehicles, and nearby structures. In this two-part blog series, we’ll first look at three ways trees can become unsafe over time,

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Blog 6

Why Is Our Tree Not Growing?

With the arrival of spring several weeks ago, many Houston property owners have begun to see increased growth in lawns, gardens, and trees. Unfortunately for some Houston homeowners, spring may have revealed a lack of growth, causing concern for these owners. There are several causes for why a tree might

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Blog 7

Three Ways Trees Can Be Hurt By Poor Tree Pruning

While trees that grow naturally in forests and other wooded areas live just fine without regular maintenance, trees planted in our urban city depend on tree pruning and other routine tree care in order to thrive. Unfortunately, not all tree maintenance is performed the correct way, and trees and their

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Blog 8

Do I Need To Feed My Trees?

Around this time of year, many Houston homeowners begin to notice their lawns and trees growing at a faster rate due to the warmer weather. While many property owners know that springtime means it’s time to feed their lawn and protect it from weeds, very few actually know that trees

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Blog 9

How Adding Trees Can Improve Your Health

Americans are eager for new ways to improve their health, whether through new exercise routines, diet changes, or trying new vitamins or supplements. Another way people can make small improvements in their health while also improving their property is through the addition of trees to residential properties. Trees offer various

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