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Can My Tree Survive Storm Damage?

The arrival of spring in Houston is notorious for bringing with it severe storms, flash floods, heavy lightning, and strong winds. Although Houstonians can prepare for bad weather and protect themselves from harm, the same cannot be said about exterior parts of a residential property. Even the strongest trees on

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How Tree Pruning Now Can Help Your Property This Summer

Summers in Houston means hot temperatures, high humidity, and added stress for our residential properties. Because the severe summer weather can make it difficult for plants, grass, and trees to thrive, our properties need every bit of help they can get to survive the season and remain healthy and strong.

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Why You Should Give The Gift Of Trees

If you’re struggling to decide on the perfect gift for your friends and family this year, consider giving the gift of trees. Although it’s not the most trendy or fancy gift possible, a tree can be a fantastic gift idea for families and friends who appreciate beauty and nature. In

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Blog 5

How Do You Prepare A Property For Hurricane Season?

Hurricane season lasts from June 1 to November 30, but during that time most Houstonians only hear about personal preparations for hurricane season, such as stocking up on water, non-perishable foods, flashlights, first aid kits, and other equipment needed in case of power outages. Hurricane experts might also suggest boarding

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Blog 6

A Closer Look At Common Tree Threats: Flooding

Trees in the greater Houston area face a plethora of threats and dangers to their immediate and long-term health. While some tree threats are due to a lack of routine maintenance or poor workmanship from amateur tree crews, a majority of tree threats come directly from Mother Nature. In today’s

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Blog 7

A Closer Look At Common Tree Threats: Lightning Strikes

Houston sees its fair share of large and destructive thunderstorms throughout the year, bringing with them high winds, heavy rain, and dangerous lightning. Although most people worry about lightning striking people, homes, or businesses, the reality is that the most common victim of lightning strikes are trees. While a tree

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Blog 8

Three Ways Overgrown Trees Can Damage Rooftops

Although trees can grow quite well on their own without much assistance from property owners, many tree varieties benefit from routine tree pruning to help promote health and stability through the years. Unfortunately, overgrown trees that receive little to no proactive tree pruning not only suffer from poor tree stability

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Blog 9

Three Problems That Occur With Improper Tree Planting

Tens of thousands of trees are found throughout the greater Houston area, although some are in better health than others. Inadequate watering, poor soil conditions, or damages from nearby construction or severe weather have led to problems for some of these trees. However, many others are impacted at the very

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Blog 10

Four Bad Tree Pruning Mistakes To Avoid

Although trees that grow naturally in forests and large parks need little to no maintenance, trees found on residential properties need routine maintenance in order to thrive in their more urban and suburban locations. Unfortunately, some trees get the wrong kind of tree maintenance, and they end up weakened and

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