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Three Ways To Prepare Your Trees For Spring

When it comes to keeping your property healthy, it’s important to note that trees should never be overlooked when it comes to springtime preparation. Trees need just as much care and maintenance as lawns and gardens, especially if they are exotic, large, or valuable trees. In today’s blog post, we’ll

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Blog 3

Does My Tree Need Lightning Protection?

For residential property owners, trees are some of the most prominent and valuable parts of the landscape. Unfortunately, trees can suffer damage from a variety of sources, such as high winds, heavy rains, and invasive insects. While trees cannot be completely protected from these problems, tree owners do have options

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Blog 4

What Can Tree Evaluations Reveal About Your Tree?

Routine checkups help us learn the current state of our personal health, and if changes are needed, such as increased exercise, a change in diet, or taking medicine to treat an ailment. Our trees can also benefit from regular tree evaluations by Certified Arborists to inspect all areas of the

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Blog 5

The Importance of Protecting Tree Roots

Tree owners know that regular tree maintenance is important to the long-term health, beauty, and value of a tree. Unfortunately, too many tree owners focus solely on the top part of the tree, such as leaf growth and tree pruning, and they completely overlook the maintenance and care of the

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Blog 6

The Best Ways To Help Wounded Trees

Trees are strong, beautiful assets to residential properties, but unfortunately they can be the victim of damage, strong winds or other accidents. Like people, trees can be wounded and suffer diminished health if these wounds are not treated and monitored over time. In today’s blog post, we’ll discuss the various

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Blog 7

The Four Signs Of A Disreputable Tree Company

Every year, Houston sees its fair share of stormy and windy weather, either from summer thunderstorms, tropical disturbances, or strong winter winds. After a storm, homeowners are often concerned about the stability and appearance of property, as well as personal safety, when limbs and trees fall due to high winds.

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Blog 8

How To Care For New Trees

There are a large number of Houstonians with new trees to plant on their residential property. Some homeowners receive young fruit and nut trees as Christmas gifts from loved ones, while others may purchase trees to add shade or privacy to their residential space. Trees are always beautiful and valuable

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Blog 9

Are My Trees An Asset or Liability?

Although trees are typically considered an asset on residential properties, a number of factors can transform these assets into liabilities for property owners. Property owners that leave hazardous or sick trees on their property for too long take a risk of suffering property damages, personal injuries and high liability costs

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Blog 10

Protect The Three P’s This Winter

When winter arrives in Houston, it’s not just people that need protection from the colder temperatures and icy weather. The reality is that many parts of our home and surrounding exterior need proper protection from the elements in order to prevent injuries and property damage. In today’s blog post, we’ll

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Blog 11

Beware Of Electrocution Dangers During Tree Trimming

As most property owners are aware, tree trimming is one of the most dangerous tasks performed on a residential property. Each year, hundreds of people are severely injured or even killed during tree trimming projects. The causes of these injuries and deaths range from ladder falls, flying limbs and branches,

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