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Careless Landscapers Can Harm You, Themselves and Your Property

Have you ever witnessed a landscaper or tree trimmer performing a task in a dangerous and unsafe way? Perhaps you drove by a worker up in a tree trimming branches, but without a safety harness or other protective gear. Maybe you passed by a landscape worker applying pesticide or fertilizer out of a used

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Common Tree Planting Mistakes, Part Three

Property owners have a variety of options available for improving the beauty, health and value of their property, including adding irrigation systems, getting regular tree trimming, and having quality fertilizer applied. One other way residential property owners can improve the overall value, appearance and health of their property is through tree planting. Tree planting

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Blog 4

Common Tree Planting Mistakes, Part Two

Tree planting is a wonderful way to increase the aesthetic, environmental and economic value of your residential property. However, while tree planting may seem like a simple process, there are many common mistakes people make when planting trees that can easily lead to stunted growth and even tree death. Trees are an

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Blog 5

Common Tree Planting Mistakes, Part One

Trees are a vital part of our Houston landscape, adding substantial environmental, economic and aesthetic value to our city and surrounding neighborhoods. In recent years there has been an increase in tree planting throughout communities in the Houston area as people become more passionate about protecting and promoting our environment. However, tree planting,

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Blog 6

The Dangers of Hazardous Trees

The greater Houston area is home to a variety of neighborhoods and communities, ranging from preserved historic neighborhoods to master planned subdivisions. Large, mature trees that surround these neighborhoods have provided years of shade, beauty and value to the Houston area. Trees are a beautiful part of our environment, but

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Blog 7

Healthy Trees Start With Proper Root Collar Care

Most tree owners know that in order to help your trees thrive, they need good fertilization, adequate moisture throughout the year, and routine tree pruning to prevent breakage. However, a significant, but often overlooked, component to maintaining year-round tree health is to properly care for your tree’s root collar area. Proper care of your tree’s

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Blog 8

Protect Your Trees From Lightning Strikes

The Houston area is home to thousands of beautiful, healthy trees in our parks, roadsides and in our neighborhoods, and these trees provide many significant benefits to our city. Trees improve our environment through reducing carbon dioxide levels, they offer much needed shade during hot summer months, and they beautify

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Blog 9

Emergency Help When You Need It Most

There are many ways homeowners can prepare for severe weather or other disasters. Most people purchase insurance policies to protect themselves from severe financial losses, while some may reinforce and board up their homes and property to minimize physical damage. Others develop emergency survival plans in the event of tornadoes

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Blog 10

Celebrating The Beauty of Local Trees

In Texas, we like to celebrate all forms of natural beauty, from the thick piney forests of East Texas to the beaches of the Gulf Coast to the rolling hills of Central Texas. Of course, with everything being bigger in Texas, we are able to celebrate and enjoy the beauty

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