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What To Do About Surface Tree Roots

As trees grow and mature, their delicate root system will expand outward from the tree, just like the limbs and branches. Although tree roots typically expand underground, they are not buried far below ground but instead stay much closer to the surface of the soil. Unfortunately for tree owners, some tree roots

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Blog 2

The Many Dangers Of Broken Tree Limbs

With more icy weather hitting the Houston area recently, many homes and residential areas saw a large number of broken branches, fallen limbs and toppled trees throughout the city. While much of the debris has been removed for safety reasons, there are still many trees throughout the greater Houston area

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Blog 3

Should This Tree Remain On My Property?

In last week’s blog post, we looked at the many reasons why residential property owners allow unhealthy or dangerous trees to remain on their property. Today, we’re going to look at how fruit and shade trees become unsafe or dangerous over time, and why they should be removed from residential properties. Property

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Blog 4

Why Do Owners Leave Unhealthy Trees On Their Property?

Trees are often one of the most distinguishable and notable aspects of a residential property. They can add tremendous aesthetic, environmental and financial value to a property, especially when they are healthy and well-maintained. However, too often property owners allow unhealthy or dangerous trees to remain on their property, threatening their

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Blog 5

Why Outstanding Safety Practices Matter In Tree Care

As one of the largest metro areas in the country by square mile, Houston is home to a very large number of beautiful trees found throughout the city. Because our expansive city has many trees, there is also a great need for tree care services near homes and other residential areas. In

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Blog 6

Simple Ways To Care For Your Trees

The Houston area is home to a vast array of trees that offer residential properties beauty, shade and economic value. While many plants and flowers in the area need frequent maintenance and upkeep, trees have an easier time establishing their roots and growing well with far less maintenance for property owners. For

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Blog 7

How Does Icy Weather Impact Trees, Lawns and Gardens?

The Houston area has been experiencing Arctic blasts that bring the region below-freezing temperatures, high winds and icy weather. Although the ice accumulations are not heavy and the cold weather does not stay long, their impact on our local trees, gardens and plants can be significant. To ensure the health

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Blog 8

Help! My Tree Just Fell Over!

For a residential property owner, this is a phrase they hope to never have to say. Unfortunately, trees can topple over and fall onto surrounding structures, property, or even people at any time, so there is always a possibility of this disaster occurring on any kind of property. With Houston

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Blog 9

Get Rid of The Mulch Volcano Around Your Trees!

While most tree owners realize the many benefits of applying mulch to trees throughout the year, many make the mistake of having too much mulch applied to their trees, creating a volcano-like pile of mulch. These large piles of mulch can actually cause significant harm to trees, nearby landscape gardens and turf,

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