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Preserving Your Trees During Construction Projects

Blog Introduction: If you own a home with trees, there’s a good chance that those trees will be impacted in some way when you embark on a construction project. Construction work can damage or even kill your trees if the proper precautions are not taken. That’s why it’s important to understand how to protect your trees during construction. Let’s take a look at what you need to do.

How To Protect Your Trees During Construction

The first step is to have an arborist assess the condition of your tree before any construction begins. This will ensure that any existing damage or disease is identified and treated properly. An arborist can also provide recommendations for protecting the tree from further damage during the construction process.

The next step is to plan for protection during any digging or grading activities near your tree roots. Tree roots are essential for providing water and nutrients, so it’s essential that they remain undisturbed during construction work. A root barrier should be installed around the base of the tree prior to any digging or grading activities taking place in order to prevent accidental root damage. In addition, the roots should be protected by adding soil amendments such as compost, mulch, and organic materials that can help keep them healthy and provide insulation from heavy machinery operating on site.

Finally, it’s important that proper watering techniques are used throughout the entire construction process in order to keep your trees healthy and thriving. Deep watering once per week is usually sufficient; however, depending on weather conditions, more frequent watering may be necessary in order to keep them hydrated and nourished until construction is complete. Additionally, if heavy machinery is being used near your trees, you may want to consider installing protective fencing around their trunks in order to shield them from potential injury caused by falling debris or vibrations from heavy machinery operating nearby.

Protecting your trees during construction projects isn’t always easy but it’s essential if you want them to survive and thrive after all of the work has been completed. Having an arborist assess the condition of your tree prior to beginning any work is critical for identifying existing issues that could lead to further problems down the road if left untreated. Planning ahead for protection during excavations and grading activities can help prevent accidental root damage as well as ensuring proper watering techniques are implemented throughout the entire process can help protect against drought stress caused by hot weather conditions or heavy machinery operating nearby. Taking these steps will help ensure that your beautiful trees remain standing long after all of the dust has settled!