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Why Trees Need To Be Pruned Before Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is rapidly approaching the Gulf Coast region, and with this comes the threat of dangerous hurricanes and tropical storms. These powerful storms can lead to torrential rains, coastal flooding, and high winds that are capable of destroying trees, cars, homes, and businesses. Although homeowners take precautions to board up windows and secure doorways in the event of an approaching storm, many people disregard taking proactive steps with their trees. Trees are one of the biggest causes of property damage and injuries during a hurricane, and today’s blog post looks at the importance of pruning trees before hurricane season begins.

Removes Dangerous Tree Limbs

Over time, trees can suffer from broken or damaged limbs and branches, but many of these breaks are hidden because of dense foliage or their high location within the tree. Professional tree pruning removes broken and damaged tree limbs that can quickly become dangerous, and even deadly objects during a hurricane or other powerful storm system. Tree pruning services significantly reduce the chances of a home or business suffering damages due to flying limbs or broken branches falling down onto structures or people.

Improves Tree Health

Strategic tree pruning before a hurricane hits also helps strengthen overall tree health and improves the tree’s defenses. Professionally pruned trees are stronger, healthier, and more stable, making them better able to withstand hurricane-force winds. In addition, when trees are pruned well before hurricane season begins, the tree has time to recover from the small wounds created during the tree pruning process. Delaying tree pruning until right before a hurricane strikes may leave the tree vulnerable and weaker because of its inability to replenish depleted energy resources.

Reveals Hidden Tree Problems

Finally, the tree pruning process may also reveal tree stresses or v-shaped tree crotches, which could require cabling and bracing to stabilize the tree. Without tree pruning, a homeowner might be unaware of their tree’s instability until the tree is damaged or destroyed during a hurricane. In addition, tree pruning may also lead to the discovery of hidden tree diseases or insect infestations that could weaken the tree and make it more likely to topple over in the event of a major storm or hurricane. If caught in time, Certified Arborists can treat tree diseases and insect infestations, giving the tree the best chance of survival.

Trees are extremely valuable assets in the greater Houston area, but proper care is essential to ensure they can survive a hurricane, tropical storm, or even a severe thunderstorm. Embark Services is pleased to offer a full range of top-quality, safe, efficient, and professional tree care services. From Tree Pruning, Cabling and Bracing, Tree Removal, Tree Disease and Insect Treatments, and Tree Planting services, Embark Services’s team of Certified Arborists can help protect and stabilize the trees on your residential property. Contact Embark Services today for more information on our exceptional range of tree services, or go online to request a free consultation.