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Three Problems That Occur With Improper Tree Planting

Tens of thousands of trees are found throughout the greater Houston area, although some are in better health than others. Inadequate watering, poor soil conditions, or damages from nearby construction or severe weather have led to problems for some of these trees. However, many others are impacted at the very beginning of their life cycle due to improper tree planting. In today’s blog post, we look at three specific problems that occur because of incorrect tree planting, and why choosing a professional tree care company to handle tree planting can make all the difference.

Wrong Planting Location

For many trees, the root of their growth and health issues stem from their poor planting location. When trees are planted in the wrong location, it can cause a myriad of problems for both the tree and the surrounding property. Trees planted too close to buildings, homes, sidewalks, or other paved areas will not have the room for their roots to expand and develop well, meaning the tree will struggle to get essential nutrients and minerals from the soil. An added consequence of this problem is that tree roots will begin to damage building and home foundations as well as concrete sidewalks and parking lots in a desperate effort to expand and grow. In addition, a poor tree location can result in a large tree planted in a small spot, meaning the tree must be frequently and severely pruned in order to remain in the location as it grows. This just leaves the property owner with an unattractive and likely unhealthy tree.

Planted At The Wrong Depth

Another common problem that occurs with improper tree planting is that trees may be planted at the wrong depth. Amateur and untrained tree crews or day laborers will often simply dig a hole and plant the tree, not considering the proper depth for the type of tree and the tree’s existing root ball. When trees are planted at the wrong depth, whether too shallow or too deep, it can negatively impact the trees for years to come, assuming the tree survives that long. Trees planted in a shallow hole will struggle to remain stable and healthy because of the root system’s close proximity to the surface. Conversely, trees planted in a hole too deep will end up having the root flare buried under the soil, which can lead to the roots girdling or growing around the tree’s base, leading to a slow tree death.

Incorrect Planting Techniques

Correctly planting a tree involves choosing the right location, planting the tree at the proper depth, and also making sure the right tree planting techniques are used when placing the tree into the ground. Too often, property owners discover far too late that their trees were planted with twine, rope, or wires still wrapped around the root base, leading to stunted tree growth and poor root expansion. In addition, trees might be planted in soil that has not been well prepared or might not have the nutrients or moisture needed to promote long-term tree growth.

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