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What difference does the right equipment, that is reliable, make in the arbor business?

It makes a huge difference. Having the right equipment means you can maximize both efficiency and safety on every tree pruning job. Being able to offer faster, more reliable tree trimming service is a really big factor in providing a five-star experience to every client. Embark stays on top of the latest tree trimming equipment available in the industry and employs a schedule maintenance program to ensure each tool is in its best shape.

The right equipment for a job means knowing what each tree requires for proper trimming. For instance, if trimming palm trees you can’t climb using climbing spurs. In most cases, you need to use a lift truck to safely and properly trim a palm tree. When a chipper is required on a tree job, you have to have the right type of chipper for the tree work being done. If the job involves removal of large branches or trees, a regular drum chipper won’t cut it.

What is required to ensure that the right equipment is also reliable?

Reliability starts by making sure you are buying a quality tree equipment brand and not just going with the cheapest piece of equipment that’s available. Maintenance is the second part of having reliable equipment. If you delay the maintenance on the equipment parts can wear out. Some of these parts of harder to replace which creates a lot of downtime and could delay having that piece of equipment available for the work at hand. The maintenance is really important because a lot of these issues could have been avoided through a regular maintenance schedule that would involve things like greasing the machine or cleaning the filters. Just regular maintenance can prevent a lot of the wear and tear on the equipment.

To ensure that we are staying on top of equipment maintenance, we have a dedicated mechanic shop to oversee all repairs and maintenance. We also train our crews to perform small maintenance tasks on the equipment and to watch out for signs that maintenance is needed.

Even with the best plans to maintain our equipment in order to have the right piece of equipment on the job, sometimes things break. We are prepared for this instance too. We keep extra tools in stock so that an equipment failure doesn’t keep us from performing our tree work in a safe and timely manner.

Safety, reliability and efficiency are top priorities for Embark Services. We work every day to evaluate our systems and improve where we can in all three categories. Staying informed about the tree trimming industry allows us to maintain the quality and consistency of the tree services that we provide in the Greater Houston area, year after year. Our certified arborist both evaluate each job for what is best for the tree and what is safest for our crews to perform the tree work.