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Why You Should Give The Gift Of Trees

If you’re struggling to decide on the perfect gift for your friends and family this year, consider giving the gift of trees. Although it’s not the most trendy or fancy gift possible, a tree can be a fantastic gift idea for families and friends who appreciate beauty and nature. In today’s blog post, we’ll share three reasons why you should give the gift of trees, and how Embark Services can help give new trees the best start possible.

Beautiful Additions To Properties

One of the most important reasons to give someone a beautiful shade, fruit, or nut tree for the holidays is that trees are beautiful additions to residential properties. Healthy trees can add tremendous curb appeal to ordinary or plain properties, and they can provide a beautiful focal point for the property. They create a sense of tranquility and increase overall property beauty.

Offers Longevity and Multiple Uses

How many times have you given a gift to a friend or loved one that was only used once, or not at all? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to give a gift that you knew would be enjoyed for decades that offered multiple benefits to loved ones? Trees are that type of gift. When properly planted and maintained, trees can provide lasting benefits for years, if not decades, and they can provide much-needed shade for families to enjoy, as well as flowers, fruits, or nuts, depending on the tree variety.

Provide Financial Benefits

Finally, when you give a friend or family member a tree as a gift, you’re also giving them the financial benefits that come with that tree. For example, healthy trees provide ample shade, which can help significantly lower energy bills because of the valuable shade and windbreaks they provide. In addition, properties with healthy shade trees typically have higher property values than those without trees, making them more desirable on the real estate market.

This holiday season, make gift giving more intentional and long-lasting by giving loved ones the gift of trees. Also give those trees a great head start by contacting Embark Services about our residential Tree Planting Services, where we plant trees correctly to ensure years of enjoyment and stable tree health. Contact Embark Services today about our safe, efficient, and professional Tree Planting Services, or go online to schedule a free consultation!