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Our Favorite Flowering Texas Trees

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Adding a touch of beauty to your outdoor space is easy when you choose the right flowering trees in Texas! From vibrant pink blooms to white and yellow, these dependable specimens will help bring color and flair to your landscape no matter what time of year. Living in Texas means experiencing hot, humid summers and cold winters, but springtime is truly a magical time of year. During the spring months, Texas trees come alive with vibrant blooms and colors, culminating in a stunning display that can’t be found anywhere else. Whether looking for something that provides continuous spring bloom or seasonal interest, there are plenty of gorgeous varieties available guaranteed to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Discover the best flowering trees for Texas, as well as tips for successful care and cultivation so you can enjoy them long-term!

Texas Mountain Laurel

The Texas Mountain Laurel is an aesthetically pleasing and interesting flowering tree that is native to many parts of Texas. Blooming in the early spring, these trees bring a burst of color with their fragrant blossoms reminiscent of grapes, earning it the nickname “Grape Kool-Aid Tree”. Its leaves are glossy, dark green and its size is modest, with a multi-trunked growth rate that can be slow. It prefers well-draining arid soil and sunny locations but tolerates shade too. Some indigenous Texans used the red mescal beans for ceremonial practices yet it’s important to note that it can be toxic if chewed or cracked open. Its durability in hot and dry climates makes this Texas tree a definite winner!

Texas Redbud

Springtime in Texas is highlighted by the appearance of Texas redbud trees, a sight that no one should miss. These small flowering trees are native to Central Texas and also extend into Northeastern Mexico. With their colorful blossoms, they make a bold statement in their environment – and thanks to their ability to withstand droughts, they are frequently used in landscaping projects both large and small. To reach its full potential, the Texas redbud prefers partly shaded or sunny areas and well-drained soils such as rocky surfaces, sandy areas, limestone-based subsoils, chalky regions, or even clay patches. These individual details add up to some of Texas’ most beautiful works of nature.


Vitex is a spectacular Texas tree that blooms with stunning lilac-purple flowers in the months of May to September. It is well adapted to grow in most soil types and requires full light in order to properly blossom and thrive. The Texas tree grows by roughly one foot every year and will reach heights of 10 to 20 feet when mature. To ensure beautiful blooming season after season, it requires aggressive pruning after it finishes flowering in the springtime. Despite having growth patterns that make it look like a small tree, Vitex remains a coarse-growing plant throughout its lifespan.

Mexican Plum

The Mexican plum is a Texas tree that is native to North Texas and one of the first flowering trees to make its appearance in spring. The deciduous leaves change from green to yellow in the fall, and before the colorful foliage appears, it showcases clusters of white flowers that can be enjoyed from afar or up close. Not only does its beauty draw attention, but also the bounty of fruit it provides. Plums are readily available for birds and small mammals when the fruit ripens in late summer and early autumn. Intriguingly, people can eat them as well! They have a sweet-tart flavor which serves as a great addition to preserves or chutneys, not to mention an essential ingredient for delicious pies and desserts.

Texas is blessed with a great variety of flowering trees that you can use to beautify your yard. Keep in mind not just your own preferences but also how much sun or shade the tree needs in order to thrive. With the right tree, you can create a truly magical landscape for all to enjoy. Ready to plant a tree? We can help – contact us today for more information on adding one of these lovely blooming trees to your outdoor space!