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How did what we learned about palm trees after the great freeze affect palm selection and planting going forward?

For this subject, we contacted the best in the industry for insight into how palms were affected in our area after the freeze in 2020 and what that means for palm tree selection and planting going forward. Gary Kennemer, founder of Palm Professionals Tropical Nursery, one of the longest-running palm specialists and growers in the Houston area with over thirty years of experience in the palm industry. in the greenhouse industry and manufacturing.

Gary says the most important lesson learned about palm selection where the freeze is concerned is that selection is going to be key without pushing the thresholds of what may survive as opposed to what will thrive. There were numerous palm trees that were unharmed by the freeze which gave us real insight into the importance that both palm selection and care of these trees play in their hardiness during extreme temperatures events. Fertilization with a palm tree fertilizer that is specifically made with higher potassium levels will actually increase a palm tree’s cold resistance and tolerance by up to five degrees. After a freeze event occurs, you can have a freeze-induced deficiency of boron or manganese. So, fertilizing after the palms have been compromised or stressed can help them pull through from these freeze-induced deficiencies as well.

What types of palm trees were very susceptible to the freeze?

The more commonly planted palm trees, typically planted in bulk, that we observed dying after the freeze included King Palms, Queen Palms, and Royal Palms.

Which palms showcased their cold temperature hardiness?

  • Florida Sabol
  • Texas Sabol
  • Canary Island Date Palm
  • Pindo Palm
  • Needle Palm
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Dwarf Palmetto – native to the Gulf Coast

The major freeze came on the back of two or three previous freezes. It seemed like it was a cycle of every year, skip a year, freeze, skip a year. This cycle started making people a little bit more hesitant to replace palm trees. The larger freeze was on such an epic scale that the sheer volume of damage that was done caused an influx of more demand for the palms because of the overall volume of palms that were damaged during that event. As we all know, Houston weather is unpredictable! Proper selection and proper care of all your trees, especially palms is the best defense against potential extreme weather events.

Palm Professionals Tropical Nursery manufactures several products to achieve the best care possible for your palm trees. Two notable products for this discussion are:

  1. Leaf Guardian Spray

 Creates a Biodegradable and Safe Barrier that doesn’t interfere with Biological Function. Spraying Leaf Guardian onto the fronds or leaves of a palm tree creates a thin, biodegradable film that protects the plant from damage. This protective layer dries to a transparent, glossy, safe, and secure finish. A protective layer forms as the membrane dries, but normal photosynthesis in the palm palms can continue unabated.

You may safeguard your palm trees from the elements for up to two months with the help of this Leaf Guardian membrane, which shields them from the cold, the heat, the loss of moisture, and the usual transplant drought and shock.

  1. Perfect Palm Fertilizer

Through years of study and testing of hundreds of feeding methods of palm tree fertilizers, real palm tree farmers and specialists have created this fertilizer. Perfect Palm fertilizer mix has been formulated through years of testing literally hundreds of nutrients on thousands of palms.  We finally reached the most vigorous and lasting results available for not just a few palms, but all palms.

Palm trees are an important part of the landscape in the Greater Houston Area. Proper care and maintenance are key to helping these trees thrive and add value and beauty to your property for years to come. Embark Services values our strategic partnership with industry experts like Gary Kennemer and Palm Professionals Tropical Nursery.