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How To Avoid Property Damage From Trees

People want beautiful trees that offer shade and aesthetic curb appeal, but no one ever wants the damages and expenses that can come from excessive tree growth or tree debris. Unfortunately, there are instances where the damages caused by trees far outweighs the benefits they provide to property owners. Today’s Embark Services blog post highlights three ways to help reduce or completely avoid property damage from trees, and how proactive tree care can help.

Plant Away From Buildings

One of the biggest factors in minimizing or preventing property damage from trees is to make sure they’re planted far from buildings, parking lots, structures, and other paved or constructed areas. Trees planted too close to homes or structures can cause foundation problems and disrupt underground plumbing or irrigation lines. In addition, buildings, structures, vehicles, and other property near trees face a higher risk of damages from tree debris or falling limbs and branches.

Avoid Utility Lines

Fallen trees and tree debris are the leading cause of power outages and utility disruptions in the United States, mainly because trees are often planted too close to power lines. When given the opportunity to choose a tree planting location, make sure it’s as far away from power lines as possible, or choose a tree that won’t grow tall enough to interfere or make contact with power lines. This proactive step can go a long way in preventing costly damages, line fires, or power outages.

Keep Trees Healthy

Finally, trees that are stable and healthy are far less likely to topple over onto property or have limbs break off during severe weather. In order to keep trees healthy, they should be pruned to avoid overgrown branches and limbs, and they should be watered regularly and fertilized to promote tree health. In addition, mulch should be applied to protect root health, but not right next to the trunk or it could trap moisture and lead to fungal growth and tree rot.

Trees are valuable assets, but their size and location can lead to property damage if they don’t get proper maintenance on a regular basis. Embark Services’s team of Certified Arborists specializes in all facets of tree care, including specific care and maintenance for native and exotic tree varieties, tree pruning, tree planting, fertilization, irrigation, and insect and disease prevention. Contact Embark Services today at 713.462.3261 to schedule a free consultation or to get more information about our full range of services.