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What Are These Large Webs In My Tree?

There are some changes in a tree’s appearance that might seem normal to a property owner, while other changes might be a cause for concern. One of the more common areas of concern for residential property owners is the appearance of large swaths of silken webbing throughout their tree, mainly on tree trunks, limbs and branches. Although this silken webbing is often widespread within the tree and may be found on multiple trees, it poses no danger to the tree or nearby plants or shrubs. In today’s blog post, we’ll explain what causes these large silken webs to appear in trees, and why property owners shouldn’t fret over their appearance.

The Cause

Large areas of silken webbing found in Houston area trees are the work of barklice, a harmless tree insect that feeds off the algae, fungi, dead bark and other materials that accumulate on trees over time. Barklice create a majority of their silk webbing in the mid to late summer, often in a short period of time. Houston’s propensity for humid weather makes conditions perfect for barklice to spin their protective webbing throughout trees.

The Benefits

Although barklice are tree insects, their presence does not harm the tree’s health in any way. Barklice do not eat or damage leaves, nor do they bore into tree bark for food or moisture. They solely consume the fungi, algae, and other unwanted materials that might normally harm your tree’s health. Although their silk webbing might be unattractive, and even creepy, they have short lifespans and will generally disappear from trees in the fall, along with their webbing.

What To Do

If your residential trees contain large areas of silk webbing, then no treatment or removal services are necessary. The barklice and webbing will disappear by the fall, and no harmful chemicals or sprays are needed to kill them or prevent their return. Property owners should also be cautious to avoid amateur tree crews or landscapers that offer to remove the webs and insects for a fee. Not only are these services a waste of time and money, but also an amateur tree crew might actually damage or harm your tree applying a treatment or removing the webbing.

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