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Preserve Tree Health By Protecting Tree Roots

Trees are an important part of our natural landscape, providing shade, beauty and value to residential properties throughout the greater Houston area. Healthy and mature shade trees add tremendous value to residents and neighborhoods, so it is critical to preserve and protect their health whenever possible. However, many property owners

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Blog 3

The Details and Benefits of Root Flare Excavation

In regards to tree care and maintenance, most property owners are aware that tree trimming and fertilizing are needed to preserve tree health. However, one commonly overlooked service in tree maintenance is to have root flare excavation performed, especially if trees are experiencing diminished growth and poor health. Root girdling occurs when the tree roots begin

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Blog 4

Tree Inspections Can Save Both Trees and Lives

Tree inspections and tree structure evaluations are important gauges in determining the strength, health and long-term stability of a tree on a residential property. Most tree owners do not have the technical training or expertise to clearly identify such problems as tree diseases, insect infestations, structural problems or weakened root systems. Tree structure

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Blog 5

Avoiding Tree Transplant Shock

With colder weather approaching, many property owners opt to plant trees in their yards now since trees are in their dormant phase and can recover better from the transition. Trees planted in the hotter spring and summer months face a greater challenge in establishing their roots and thriving since they are expending

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Blog 6

Don’t Ignore Sick or Diseased Trees

For some people, tree care simply means remembering to water the trees and occasionally get mulch to help it grow. However, good tree maintenance requires diligence and proactive steps to ensure trees remain healthy and strong. One way residential property owners can help protect and extend the life of their

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Blog 10

The Benefits of Protecting Trees During Construction

During residential construction projects, there are many important safety and logistical factors to consider, such as electrical and plumbing connections, gas lines, and nearby structures. While construction crews often put safety precautions into place to avoid utility disruptions and potential damage, the one area often overlooked is protecting existing trees in the

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