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Your Trees Are Ready to Feed

After the extremely hot and dry summer that we experienced in the Houston area, your trees are more ready than ever for Fall tree fertilization. Surviving temperatures like we saw throughout the area while fighting off the effects of drought stress has, no doubt, depleted your trees of the nutrients they need to thrive. Replenishing these nutrients is not only important for the tree’s health, but it is also vital for a tree to be prepared for a potentially cold winter.

Trees, like all plants, are alive and require nutrients to survive. Trees are tough, but that doesn’t stop nutrient deficiencies from trying to shake them. Fertilization gives trees important nutrients, supports tree growth, and contributes to the overall health and vitality of a tree. Over the next few months, your trees will experience favorable temperatures, restore themselves from any summer stress and be able to build up nutrients to prepare for the dormant time of the year. Fertilizing trees in the fall is important timing, particularly for deciduous trees, as many key nutrients are used up earlier in the year, producing leaves and fruit. To replenish those lost nutrients and prepare your trees for the next growing season, tree fertilization is key. When nutrients are replaced, your tree is in turn, much less stressed.

Fertilizing your trees creates a stronger root system. As the quote goes, “A tree without roots is just a piece of wood.” While they’re underground and can’t be seen, it is the roots of a tree that are most vital to its existence. That’s why it’s so important to give your trees the nutrient support they need to develop a healthy root system. With deep root tree fertilization, you’ll supply nutrients where they are truly needed most–at the root level. Delivering essential nutrients in the soil beneath tree canopies encourages root systems to develop the thousands of tiny, fibrous roots that absorb water and nutrients. Healthy root systems also provide the anchor to your yard’s precious trees. Most trees have a root system that is even larger than their canopy and in order for the tree to fully thrive, it’s important that the entire tree root system is fertilized. Getting those key nutrients down to the roots will pay off with better root growth and an overall healthier tree.

Fertilizing is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the good health of your trees and to ward off future problems. With deep root tree fertilization nutrients are injected into the soil and down into the root system. This protects your trees from diseases and insects, allowing them to thrive. In general, the health of your trees depends on key nutrients. As those nutrients are lost, your tree may become susceptible to disease or insects. Without the right nutrients, a tree may also fail to meet its full potential both in height and in its foliage growth. These are all key reasons why fertilizing trees in the fall gives them the best chance for optimal health.

Ultimately, what you want most out of your trees is a long life. Trees are an investment that pay you back with not only curb appeal but shade, oxygen, and water filtration. Properly caring for all the trees at your home or commercial property is the best way to ensure a long, healthy life. Embark Services is a full-service tree care company here to help you do just that. Schedule your deep root tree fertilization today. Your trees will thank you!