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Fall Tree Fertilization with Embark Services.

Fall Tree Fertilization

Fall is a good time of year to feed your plants and trees. Coming out of the summer, when it’s been very hot and dry, trees could use a boost. In particular, this year we’ve had one of the hottest summers on record. Your trees are definitely stressed from the heat and lack of water, especially if they’re not in an area that has an irrigation system. Providing them with some supplemental beneficial energy through a fall tree fertilization with a well-balanced fertilizer will help them get through the winter months. The tree root system does not stop growing over the winter.  The tree is constantly developing and growing its roots. When deciduous trees leaf back out in the spring, they put on new leaves.  Trees need that extra boost of energy to help them to produce all the new foliage. A fall feeding will help keep the tree healthier while also helping to fight off tree insects and tree diseases. Insects and diseases are a secondary issue we see in plants or trees that have been stressed from different environmental factors. A nutrient supplement is a big help for them to deal with environmental stressors and also aid in fighting off tree bugs and tree diseases.

Any type of blooming tree would also definitely benefit from a fall tree fertilization as well. As these trees, like Crepe Myrtles, start producing blooms in the Spring they require using stored nutrients.  A fall fertilization can help jump start new growth and produce beautiful blooms. This will also establish a healthier tree through the Spring and Summer.

Embark Services performs a deep root tree fertilization by forming a grid pattern around the base of the tree out to the drip line. Then we inject the fall tree fertilizer into the soil along that pattern so that it goes directly to the root system of the tree. Topical fertilization is also beneficial, but you are competing with the turf. The turf is going to get as much or more of the nutrient source as the tree will. With soil injection, you are getting more of the nutrients directly to the root system.  This makes it more readily available for the tree to use.

In summary, fall fertilization is an excellent overall added protection plan for your trees. It delivers beneficial nutrients to your trees as they are coming out of summertime and helps the development of the tree root system during the winter months.