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What You Should Know About Crepe Myrtle Trees

Texas is home to many tree types, but few are as popular among local homeowners as crepe myrtles. They offer stunning beauty for many months of the year while also providing valuable shade. While many residential properties feature crepe myrtles, not all receive good care or maintenance. In today’s Embark blog post, we look at some of the basic facts homeowners should know about their crepe myrtle trees and the proper way to maintain their health and beauty throughout the year.

Come In Variety Of Sizes and Colors

One of the many reasons why crepe myrtles remain one of the most popular tree types in Texas and other southern states is because of the variety of colors owners can choose from. Owners can enjoy blooms in white, pink, red, lavender, purple, or fuchsia that bring a bold pop of color to their residential property. However, many property owners choose a crepe myrtle based on color alone, not realizing they come in different sizes and shapes. As a result, some homeowners end up with a crepe myrtle that grows too large for its planted location. It’s important to research the expected maturity size of a crepe myrtle before buying it and having it planted it on your residential site.

Do Not Need Severe Pruning

Every winter, many crepe myrtles trees around the Houston area suffer a fate known as “crepe murder,” where the homeowner decides their crepe myrtle needs excessive pruning or pollarding. Many homeowners believe that this can help encourage more blooms, but it can actually cause significant health problems for crepe myrtles, such as delaying and decreasing bloom time for the trees. Crepe myrtles can benefit from strategic pruning, but should not be severely pruned simply because they’re too big for their planting location, or because better blooms are desired.

Ideal For Our Climate

Finally, it’s important for crepe myrtle owners to understand the strength and longevity of their trees in our climate, as long as they receive proper care and maintenance. Crepe myrtles thrive in our area simply with ample sunlight and decent soil conditions. Although they need abundant water when first planted, they do not require as much once their root bed is established, and they are very resistant to drought as well. Crepe myrtles are valuable additions to any residential property, and their variety of shapes, sizes, and colors make them an ideal focal point for any home. Embark Tree Services can help you achieve healthy, stable, and beautiful crepe myrtles throughout the year. We help property owners identify what they want most from their trees, and can help pinpoint the ideal type, location, size, and time of year for planting and maintenance. Contact our office today at 713.462.3261 for more information, or fill out our online form to request a free consultation.