Tree and Shrub Care

LMC Tree and Shrub Pruning


Trees and shrubs must be pruned in order to keep them healthy. Young trees should receive structural pruning to make them stronger as they develop, as well as enhancing their aesthetic value. On mature trees, pruning is used to clean away dead and dying branches, increase sunlight to ground areas, and to thin the crown to reduce the likelihood of breakage under strong weather conditions.

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LMC Tree Removal and Stump Grinding


The Certified Arborists of Embark Serives are passionate about preserving and protecting our trees and landscapes, but occasionally there are instances where tree removal is necessary, due to nearby construction constraints, tree crowding, tree disease, or tree death. In cases where tree removal is needed, Embark Serives takes great care to remove the selected tree with minimal environmental impact, and when possible, will strive to preserve the life of a healthy uprooted tree by recommending ideal locations for replanting.

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LMC Tree Planting & Replacement


Many property owners want to enhance the beauty and value of their land through the addition of trees, but often do not know the best tree variety to choose for our humid coastal climate, or how to properly care for the tree. A well maintained landscape with thriving, mature trees can increase your property's market value by as much as 15%, so it is essential that the planted trees are well established, regularly maintained and thoroughly fertilized throughout the year to ensure the maximum value for your investment.

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LMC Emergency Storm Response


When severe weather strikes, strong winds and lightning can cause significant damage to homes and businesses, and also to nearby trees and landscapes, often leaving property owners in need of emergency response tree repair. Storm damage can leave broken or damaged tree limbs, unstable tree trunks, or completely uprooted trees and shrubs that result in hazardous environments. In instances where significant landscape or tree damage has occurred, the main priority is to quickly stabilize the area to prevent any physical harm to property owners, or structural damage to surrounding homes and businesses. A prompt emergency response to tree damage is essential to minimizing damage and property loss.

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