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Why is working with an insured tree trimming company that practices sound safety practices important?

First and foremost, working with a tree trimming company that is not insured means accepting the risk for damages and injury to both your property and neighboring property should something happen. Tree trimming is a skilled trade that can be dangerous if someone isn’t properly trained in both the tree maintenance techniques and proper tree safety protocols. You don’t want to take a chance with a company that isn’t properly protecting their tree pruning crew and your property with this type of work. Even with all the right safety practices, it is a riskier job to be done in the first place. The chance of injury is always there. From a safety standpoint, not only is it important to choose a tree company that is insured, bonded and carry workman’s comp, but it is also important to know that the tree service keep safety practices at the forefront of their training.

Secondly, being properly insured adds a level of professionalism to the tree pruning service you have chosen. Knowing that a tree company isn’t insured gives you insight into what kind of people you are dealing with. This means that they are willing to take chances, and not only chances with themselves and their workers, but with you and your property.

Embark Services is properly insured for any work that we perform. Safety is also a major priority of our training modules. At every tree trimming job we perform the crew goes over all the work that is going to be done before they actually start the job. They point out any potential hazards to the crew workers and the homeowner as well so that everyone understands the scope and the potential dangers. The tree crew has a safety meeting before they begin working to refresh the proper safety procedures for the day. In addition, we make sure that all of our employees are trained on all the equipment that they will be using.

Annually we hold a safety workshop day for all employees. This is a great opportunity to re-familiarize our teams on what the correct way of using the equipment. Always keeping it top of mind is key for the best safety practices. One of the big highlights of this training day is when we do the aerial rescue exercise. This is when we practice recusing someone who is pretending to have been injured while in a tree working. We have one guy up in the tree who’s pretending to be injured or unconscious, and then each of our guys take turns climbing up the tree and bringing them down rescuing them from the tree. This type of rescue is not something that happens in the field, hopefully ever, but if it did our crews need to know exactly how to safely get up to the injured person and successfully get them back down for medical attention.

In summary, you always want to work with an insured tree trimming company because a company that doesn’t carry that kind of insurance lacks a level of professionalism and is obviously ready to take some risky moves with their own safety as well as the safety of your property. If you are working with tree service that is not insured, you’re opening yourself up to potential liability for an injury. It may be a little bit more expensive to use a tree trimming company that is fully insured, but in the long run, it’s well worth it to have that security. You don’t want to be left holding the bill for any damages that are caused to you or your neighbor’s property.