What is the importance of recruiting and retaining the right people in the tree care industry?

It Saves Time
Hiring the right person for the job means that person is adding to your productivity. Hiring the wrong person will take away from the efficiency in the tree care industry. They can be a drag to the team they are a part of which will affect the overall productivity on each tree trimming job. Putting the right person in place adds to the team’s abilities and increases their ability to perform top-notch tree trimming in an efficient manner.

Reduces Turnover Costs
Having a high turnover rate among employees can be costly, and I don’t just mean from a monetary standpoint. Each tree maintenance job comes with its own special parameters. Maintaining a consistent tree service team working on a property ensures that little things aren’t missed. Having the right tree care professionals in place is vital to our ability to maintain Class A properties for years at the same level.

It also saves the time and energy of training an employee that isn’t going to stay with the company. Training is such an important part of the onboarding process. Wasting that effort on an individual that doesn’t pan out takes its toll and is a waste of precious resources.

Increases Moral
Hiring the right people for the job in the tree services industry means that everyone else on the team benefits from their unique abilities which is an overall boost to the moral of the team. It is always a great feeling when a new hire comes on board and fits right in; fills the gap in the workload and adds to the skills and knowledge of the group as a whole. The right hire makes a big difference in the short term as well as the long term.

Protects Your Image As An Employer
Being able to maintain talented people in the tree trimming industry makes other people want to work for your company. Each bad hire can become a signal to the arbor industry that you can’t seem to attract quality individuals. Also, think about the significant chaos they can create internally and to your customer base. You want to avoid as much as possible bringing someone onto your team that might distract other team members or hurt your company culture.

Once you have the right people, how do you keep them?
The tree services business can be demanding. Our team is the heart and soul of what makes Embark Services the premier tree care firm in Houston. Creating long term career paths for each of our team members means stability for us in the future.

It is important to make our team feel valued for their contributions on an individual level. This means knowing each one of our employees on a personal level and being aware of the work that they do, whether they are one of our crew members or our CFO. We pride ourselves on a corporate culture that makes everyone at Embark feel like part of a family.

We also want to offer room for advancement in each person’s career path so that they can plan for how they can grow professionally with Embark. We encourage continuing education opportunities and meet as a team frequently to keep in close contact with each employee. We strive to maintain open channels of communication so that we are both offering opportunities for promotion as well as being available to listen when an employee is ready to take the next step in his or her arbor care career.

It has been said that you are only as strong as your weakest link. Our goal is to add strong links to our team and then do what it takes to keep them with us for their career.