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What attracted you to the arbor industry and what do you like most about working with trees?

The arbor industry in Houston has exponentially grown during the past few years. More people are attracted to working in the arbor care industry more than ever today. I was interested in tree care as a career path because of the following:

1. An interest to working outdoors
2. A love for people
3. Problem solving skills

An interest to working outdoors

For me, one of the key factors that interested me in tree trimming career was the opportunity to work outdoors. I love to be outdoors and be in different surroundings every day. Arbor care offers that as a perk!

A love for people

Another key attraction to the tree trimming industry is a love for people. People are at the center of the business as they are the ones who will require these services at their residences or commercial properties. As a result, having a love for working with people and helping to provide solutions for their tree care needs is important. Trees are an asset to any property, and they also are something owners get attached to in the residential setting. I love working to protect the long term health of these trees while also adding to the financial value of the property.

Problem solving skills

Working with trees means solving potential problems in their care over and over again. I enjoy the challenge and love being a part of the solutions when it comes to tree health. Working with trees means I get to see the results of my job for years to come. There are many challenges trees face in different seasons in Houston. From the extreme heat in the Summer to the cold temperatures, or even freeze events, in the Winter to the monsoon rain events we experience, a certified arborist is always working to provide the best care for the tree. I enjoy the challenge of the tree industry. It keeps things interesting and forces me to continue learning in my tree career.

Looking to start a career in arboriculture

If you are in high school or college and you are considering a career in either commercial tree care or residential tree trimming, I would suggest choosing classes that are agriculture focused and well as business focused. The knowledge of agriculture as a whole will help you to understand the care of trees in the bigger picture. It will allow you a knowledge base that you can expand on as you specialize in the arbor care field. The business classes are equally as important! Learning techniques to work with clients and co-workers will help you prepare for the problem-solving part of the career. While trees don’t have a lot to say, their owners do, and you want to have the people skills to work well with both.

In conclusion, the tree trimming industry demands quite a lot from anyone willing to pursue this career path. That said, it is a wonderful choice for a career path. Working to make the world a more beautiful place to live, work and play makes for an enjoyable day at the office!