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Why Fall Is The Best Time To Plant Trees in Texas

As cooler weather finally begins to make its way to the Gulf Coast, many residential properties begin to see tree leaves change colors, drop leaves, and slow their growth. This also marks an ideal time to consider tree planting to give young trees their best chance for long-term health and successful growth. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at three specific reasons why fall is the best time to plant new trees in Texas.

Milder Winters

Trees will go dormant in the winter, but will continue to experience root growth and expansion due to the milder temperatures. This allows trees to recover faster from the shock of tree planting, and be better established in time for active springtime growth. The mild winters in Texas also mean there is a much lower chance of ice and snow accumulating on young limbs and branches, which could threaten their long-term health, stability, and growth.

Higher Precipitation Levels

The arrival of fall weather also means higher rainfall totals throughout the Gulf Coast region. This ensures that young trees get much needed water during a period of critical growth. In addition, regular fall rainfall reduces the need for watering by residential property owners, reducing overall utility costs.

Soil Conditions

The heat from Houston’s summer weather allows the soil to remain warm and encourage root growth through the colder fall and winter months. Since Houston rarely experiences frozen soil, the roots are able to freely grow and expand, since the soil remains soft and pliable. This gives trees planted in the fall a head start on spring growth, and they can produce leaves, shoots, and fruit much faster than trees planted in the spring.

Residential properties benefit from the addition of trees, and fall weather is the optimal time to plant new trees in the greater Houston area. Embark Services partners with property owners of all sizes and types in each step of the tree planting and maintenance process. Our team of Certified Arborists can assist in identifying tree types that will succeed in the available property planting locations, correctly plant young trees, and provide professional and efficient tree maintenance to promote tree health and stability. Contact Embark Services today for more information on our professional tree planting services for residential properties, or request a free consultation online.