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Why Is Fall Fertilization Important For Trees?

Trees that grow in forests and other wooded areas don’t require the use of fertilizers and other supplements because of their nutrient-rich soil. Over time, falling leaves and tree debris decompose naturally and create a healthy, vibrant soil environment that allows trees and tree roots thrive.

Unfortunately, urban and suburban trees lack the benefit of these organic materials decomposing on their soil as they are often removed during lawn and tree maintenance. As a result, trees planted in developed areas need deep root fertilization in order to supplement the soil nutrients they would otherwise enjoy in natural settings. In today’s blog post, we’ll discuss four reasons why fall fertilization is so vitally important for trees in Houston.

Promotes Healthy Tree Growth

One of the primary benefits of fall fertilization is that it promotes healthy tree growth, which is especially important in Houston’s constantly changing climate. Trees in Houston often suffer due to hot temperatures, erratic rainfall, and severe windstorms. However, tree fertilization can help trees grow well and thrive in spite of harsh weather conditions and constant threats to successful tree growth.

Encourage Root Expansion

Trees rely on their root systems to both stabilize the tree and provide essential nutrients and minerals. When applied correctly by Certified Arborists, deep root fertilizers encourage the expansion of tree roots, further stabilizing the tree. Trees that do not receive regular fall fertilization end up with shallow roots that are far less stable and do not provide as much nutrients to the tree.

Replenish Lost Nutrients

During the summer months, trees can lose protection and minerals that come from the property soil. Tree fertilizer helps replenish vital nutrients lost due to summer lawn maintenance, rainfall runoff weather, wind erosion, leaf blowers and other lawn equipment.

Reduces Tree Stress

When trees receive deep root fertilizer, this can significantly reduce tree stress, improving their natural defenses against invasive insects and deadly tree diseases. Trees can go into shock or experience tree stress when they have been subject t poor watering, hot temperatures, soil compaction, or extreme tree pruning or damages. Tree fertilization can help offset and even eliminate tree stress, creating a calmer and healthier environment for tree growth.

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