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How Can Nearby Construction Harm My Trees?

Houston’s stable and growing economy has led to a rash of new construction projects and development areas, from large mixed-use office and retail spaces to new home construction. Often this construction occurs near existing homes and businesses. Although noise and traffic are the most common results from nearby construction projects, they can also cause a problem that has lasting and expensive ramifications: damage to your trees. Trees located in close proximity to construction areas can experience many severe problems to their immediate and long-term health and stability. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at exactly how nearby construction projects can harm your trees.

Soil Compaction

Construction projects of any size will often result in piles of soil and debris, and these are not always removed immediately. When left on lawns or near trees, heavy debris and soil piles can cause soil compaction, preventing water, nutrients, and oxygen from reaching the tree roots. In addition, heavy equipment such as bulldozers or concrete trucks can severely compact the soil and add pressure to the tree roots.

Tree Damage

The use of heavy equipment or vehicles can also cause serious damage to tree trunks, limbs, and branches. While equipment operators and drivers might be cautious to avoid other equipment, structures, or people, they might not be as careful around trees or their major limbs. Major tree cracks or gashes can make trees more vulnerable to invasive tree diseases or tree insects, further jeopardizing their health and stability.


Another common threat to trees during construction comes from major soil erosion or contamination. Chemicals or other hazardous materials could leach into the soil surrounding the tree, causing the tree to go into shock. Additionally, nearby construction may result in uneven grades of soil, making rainwater runoff all onto your property. This excess rainfall runoff can lead to severe soil erosion or pools of standing water, harming the health and stability of your property and trees.

If there are construction projects very close to your residential property, then it’s important to protect the health and stability of your healthy trees with Embark Services’s Tree Preservation Services. Embark Services offers quality protection for trees that might be in harm’s way during a major construction or excavation project. Embark Services can create safety perimeters around your healthy trees to prevent damage from vehicles, and can perform soil aeration to make sure soil remains healthy after construction ends. Contact Embark Services today for more information, or go online to request a free consultation.