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Why Dead Trees Need To Be Removed From Your Property

Some of the most important assets of a residential property are the trees, which provide desirable shade and aesthetic value. Unfortunately, issues such as tree damage, drought, tree diseases, and soil issues can lead to the death of these valuable trees. Although no property owner ever wants to experience losing a large and majestic tree, it is far worse to leave a dead tree on a residential property for an extended period of time. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at three specific reasons why dead trees always need to be removed from your property.

It's Unsafe

Once a tree has died, it can quickly begin deteriorating and losing stability. When this occurs, it can pose a serious threat to nearby property, and a physical danger to property owners, neighbors, and visitors. A dying or dead tree can cause extensive damage to a home or residential property, creating a serious liability issue for property owners. In addition, if the cause of tree death is invasive insects or tree disease, then leaving the dead tree on the property may promote the spread of tree insects or diseases to nearby healthy trees.

It May Be Illegal To Leave Them

When it comes to dead trees on a residential property, it’s often illegal to leave them on the property. For residential property owners, leaving a dead tree on a property may be a violation of their Homeowners Association by-laws or deed restrictions. In addition, it can jeopardize the owner’s good standing within the community.

It's Unattractive

Many dead trees become an eyesore for the property and the community at large. They do not grow old gracefully but break apart over time, attract other insects and vermin, and create negative curb appeal. This can ultimately harm property values for a residential site. Any perceived cost savings by avoiding tree removal is overshadowed by the loss of property value from dead or decaying trees.

If a tree has died or is near death on your residential property, then it is time to call the tree removal experts of Embark Services today. Embark Services’s team of Certified Arborists can remove dead trees of any size and in any location in a safe and efficient manner. Embark Services’s professional tree removal services are performed utilizing the highest safety standards to prevent injury or property damage during the tree removal process. Call Embark Services today for more information, or go online to request a free consultation regarding your dead tree, or other tree and landscape needs.