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Three Reasons Why Trees Benefit From Certified Arborists

When we need medical advice, we could consult a friend, neighbor, relative, or website, but the best and safest course of action is to seek out a trained and licensed doctor or specialist that can give proper medical advice and treatment. The same is true for trees and their care. While we could handle tree care on our own, or ask a friend, neighbor or relative for advice, the best course of action is to always have a Certified Arborist inspect and treat our trees. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at three specific reasons why trees benefit from care from Certified Arborists.

Tree Knowledge

Certified Arborists are tree care professionals that are trained in all facets of tree care, including tree planting, maintenance, and care for diseased or damaged trees. Their tree care knowledge extends into the different tree varieties, soil types and minerals, and the ideal climates and conditions for optimal tree health. They can ensure that a residential property has trees that are planted correctly in healthy soil, and will meet the owner’s immediate and long-term needs. In contrast, many amateur and untrained tree crews have little to no knowledge of native tree species, proper soil pH levels, or what types of trees thrive best in certain areas.

Tree Care Training

Another area that sets Certified Arborists above other amateur tree crews is their extensive training in tree care and maintenance. Too often residential property owners are left with butchered and uneven trees due to excessive tree pruning. Certified Arborists receive extensive classroom and hands-on training on how to correctly prune trees so as to not damage or wound the tree. In addition, Certified Arborists understand the proper levels for watering, what types of herbicides or pesticides are harmful to nearby trees, and how to correctly mulch and fertilize trees. They also perform all work according to ANSI standards for tree care safety, protecting workers, owners, and nearby property from damage during tree work. Entrusting tree care to untrained tree crews can result in trees that are excessively pruned, poorly watered, damaged by chemicals, threaten nearby structures, or vulnerable to diseases and insects.

Treatments and Repairs

Trees also benefit from care provided by Certified Arborists because of their in-depth understanding of different tree diseases and effective treatment options. Whereas basic tree crews might simply ignore tree symptoms or delay treatment, Certified Arborists understand that immediate and effective treatment and repairs are crucial to saving the life and preserving the beauty of shade trees for residential property owners. Certified Arborists receive comprehensive training in identifying and treating such tree ailments as invasive insects, tree diseases, limb and branch breaks, lightning strikes, v-crotch growth issues, tree stress, root girdling, soil contamination, soil compaction, and damages from construction.

Embark Services is pleased to offer a team of Certified Arborists to help protect the health, beauty and value of trees throughout the greater Houston area. Servicing residential trees, Embark Services’s team offers safe, efficient, thorough and professional tree care that ensures a long and stable life for trees of all varieties and sizes. Contact Embark Services today about our outstanding tree care services, or go online to request a free consultation.