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Is My Tree At Risk?

Trees are an integral part of Houston, especially those on residential properties that add beauty and value to the community. However, these property assets can be threatened by a number of causes, leading to major damages, added expenses for property owners, and the possible loss of the tree. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at the most common threats to tree health and how trees can be protected.

Structural Damages

Even the tallest and mightiest tree can suffer structural damage, and there are a variety of ways a tree can suffer trunk, limb or even root damage. Lightning strikes, windstorms, severe weather conditions, or even nearby construction can cause structural damage, but only a professional Certified Arborist can diagnose if a tree is beyond saving. If a tree loses only a couple of limbs during a storm, or has small sections of bark burned off from lightning, then it can usually heal and recover for many more years of enjoyment.

Compromised Health

Trees in Houston face constant health threats from exterior factors such as droughts, insect infestations and tree diseases. A healthy tree can quickly experience diminished health when it does not receive adequate water, resulting in poor growth, leaf wilting, and crown dieback. Water deficiencies can also make trees more vulnerable to insect infestations and tree diseases, although these can still strike trees that are healthy and well watered. Insects and tree diseases can attack tree roots, leaves and bark, causing significant damage and even tree death. Trees can be protected both with regular watering from irrigation systems, and regular maintenance to check for signs of tree diseases or insect damages.

Lack of Maintenance

A lack of regular maintenance can be detrimental to urban trees like those found across the greater Houston area. While trees found in forests and undeveloped areas thrive without regular maintenance, urban trees need additional care such as tree pruning and deep root fertilization because of a lack of natural resources and soil nutrients that would normally be found in forests. Trees on residential lots need regular tree pruning to avoid overgrown and heavy branches that can snap and break at any time. In addition, deep root fertilization ensures that trees have the minerals and nutrients needed to thrive in our urban city.

No matter how many trees you have on your residential property, they can all benefit from regular tree maintenance and care. Embark Services is pleased to be a leading provider of top-quality tree care services throughout the greater Houston area. Embark Services’s team of Certified Arborists offer a full range of tree care services, including tree pruning, tree planting, deep root fertilization, irrigation installation and repair, root flare excavation, tree preservation, cabling and bracing, and tree removal. Go online to request a free consultation, or call Embark Services today to learn more about our outstanding tree care services.