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Why Do Owners Leave Unhealthy Trees On Their Property?

Trees are often one of the most distinguishable and notable aspects of a residential property. They can add tremendous aesthetic, environmental and financial value to a property, especially when they are healthy and well-maintained. However, too often property owners allow unhealthy or dangerous trees to remain on their property, threatening their own personal safety and nearby structures and buildings. Today we’re going to look at the common reasons why unhealthy or dangerous trees are allowed to remain on residential properties, and our next blog post will focus on why it’s so important to have these unhealthy trees removed by tree service professionals.

First, many property owners keep unhealthy or dangerous trees on their property simply because they are unaware that there is a problem with the tree in the first place. Regular tree service maintenance like tree trimming or deep root fertilization can help reveal existing or potential problems with a tree’s health. But when a residential property owner fails to have their trees regularly inspected or maintained by a Certified Arborist, then small tree problems can quickly turn into major problems that threaten the tree’s health and longevity. For example, a tree disease caught early can easily be treated, but if ignored, the tree disease can severely damage or even kill the shade tree.

People also keep unhealthy or dangerous trees on their property for sentimental reasons. Many trees on residential properties are planted by family members or are dedicated in the memory of a loved one, so when these trees become diseased or dangerous due to overpruning or cracks, it can be hard to part with the tree because of the memories associated with it.

There are also many property owners that keep dangerous or unhealthy trees on a residential property to protect property values. Many studies have shown that properties with trees have a higher property value and are more desirable than those without trees. Some property owners fear a decrease in property value if they need tree removal services, especially if the property will be on the real estate market.

No matter what the reason, if you are a residential property owner concerned that you might be keeping unhealthy or dangerous trees on your property, contact the Certified Arborists of Embark Services. Embark Services’s team of tree care experts will carefully inspect the health and stability of your existing trees and make recommendations for treatment, maintenance or removal, if necessary. Embark Services offers a full range of tree care services such as tree trimmingtree removaltree preservationcabling and bracingdeep root fertilization, and tree disease and insect treatments. Contact Embark Services directly for more information, or go online to request a free consultation.