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Do I Need To Feed My Trees?

Around this time of year, many Houston homeowners begin to notice their lawns and trees growing at a faster rate due to the warmer weather. While many property owners know that springtime means it’s time to feed their lawn and protect it from weeds, very few actually know that trees need to be fed as well to ensure healthy growth and protection from the elements. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at three important reasons to feed the trees on your property and their immediate and long-term benefits.

Soil May Be Compromised

Trees depend on healthy soil to supply vital nutrients and minerals needed for optimal health and growth. When soil is compromised, it makes it harder for the tree to grow and get the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and vibrant. Soil health can be diminished due to contamination from nearby construction, compaction from heavy foot traffic, or nearby weeds that rob trees of these essential nutrients and minerals. Regular deep root fertilization can provide trees with a healthy mix of minerals directly in the root system to stabilize the tree and promote future growth.

Can Save Trees in Distress

Our trees may appear healthy on the outside, but trees may be in distress for months or years before any signs become visible to property owners. By the time the tree begins to display symptoms such as crown dieback or wilted leaves, it may be too late to save the tree from tree damage or tree death. However, regular proactive tree care and fertilization can help strengthen the tree’s defenses and allow it to better recover from threats such as tree diseases and invasive insects.

Protects The Investment

Trees are an important asset and investment to any residential property. They add aesthetic value, environmental benefits, and even financial value for property owners. Deep root fertilization and soil aeration services can help trees thrive for many more years than trees left untreated. Trees that receive regular feeding and care grow stronger and more robust, offering more shade and beauty for years to come. Their improved health and growth can also offer financial benefits as they can cool more of the property and nearby structures, thus reducing energy costs.

Protect the trees on your residential properties with Embark Services’s outstanding array of tree care services, including tree pruning, tree planting, deep root fertilization, root flare excavation, irrigation installation, soil aeration, and tree removal services. Contact Embark Services’s team of Certified Arborists today for more information, or go online to request a free consultation.