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Young Trees Require Strategic and Careful Pruning

Trees are an important investment and beautiful addition to any residential property. Because of their value, it is important to protect their health from a young age, especially with careful and strategic tree pruning. However, many young trees can be severely over pruned, leading to a lifetime of diminished and unstable growth. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at how best to prune young trees in order to avoid over pruning and instead promote long-term health, beauty and stability.

Research Your Tree

Many property owners choose young trees based on their aesthetic look without knowing the tree’s future maintenance needs or growth patterns. Before any pruning is done, it is essential that property owners take the time to research their tree type to learn how much tree pruning and maintenance is needed over time to ensure that the tree remains in optimal health and growing in a healthy shape. Proactive research early can prevent potential tree damage or even tree death.

Make A Plan

Before any cuts are made, it is important to first evaluate the tree’s current branches and limbs to determine which may need to be removed. Each removed limb or branch can potentially alter the future width and height of the tree, so it is crucial to determine which ones absolutely need to be removed as opposed to randomly lopping off branches and limbs. It is best to only remove broken or dead tree limbs for the first few couple of years of a tree’s life, and save more strategic pruning for when the tree’s roots are better established.

Proper Cuts Make A Difference

With any kind of tree pruning, it is of the utmost importance that all tree cuts are performed properly so as to avoid damaging the tree or leaving it with large wounds. Trees with large wounds can become more susceptible to tree diseases and invasive insects that can quickly ruin the health of the tree. In addition, trees should only be pruned with correct tools such as pruning saws, lopping shears or hand shears for young trees. Some property owners make the mistake of using hedge trimmers to trim their trees, which can damage the tree or remove too many limbs.

Young trees should always be pruned and maintained with care and precision to ensure trees grow healthy, stable and beautiful. Embark Services is pleased to offer exceptional tree care services to residential property owners throughout the greater Houston area. Embark Services offers a full suite of tree care services, including tree pruning, tree planting, deep root fertilization, and tree removal. Contact Embark Services for more information, or go online to request a free consultation.