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Why Fall Is The Best Time To Plant Trees

When fall weather arrives in Houston, property owners will start to see many leaves start to drop from deciduous trees and plant growth slow significantly. Despite the slowdown in tree and plant growth, fall is actually the ideal time to have trees planted on residential properties. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at three reasons why property owners should consider having trees planted on their property now during our tranquil fall weather.

Slower Tree Growth

Trees planted in cooler fall weather experience much slower tree growth, so trees can conserve their energy resources for springtime growth. They require much less maintenance and need fewer resources, so property owners do not have to spend as much time and energy on protecting their health as they would in the spring and summer growth months. In addition, surrounding grass and plants also have slower growth, so there is less competition for essential nutrients and resources.

Reduced Chance of Damage From Heat or Drought

Another benefit of tree planting in the fall is that trees are much less likely to suffer damage from extreme heat or drought conditions. Trees have milder, more consistent weather that allows them to recover faster from tree shock that often occurs after tree planting. Their young leaves are less vulnerable to scorching heat or withering due to drought. This gives trees a greater chance to survive and avoid tree damage or tree death.

Allows For Stronger Root Development

In cooler fall weather, tree roots have a better opportunity to expand and strengthen since there is far less top growth of branches and leaves. In addition, tree roots can grow well before winter when possible ground freezes can damage young tree roots. Trees planted in the fall can grow even stronger in the spring because their expanded root system can absorb more essential nutrients and soil minerals.

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