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Beware Of Electrocution Dangers During Tree Trimming

As most property owners are aware, tree trimming is one of the most dangerous tasks performed on a residential property. Each year, hundreds of people are severely injured or even killed during tree trimming projects. The causes of these injuries and deaths range from ladder falls, flying limbs and branches, or accidents involving chainsaws and other dangerous equipment. Another major cause of tree trimming accidents and deaths is electrocution from nearby power lines. In today’s blog post, we will look at three common situations that can lead to electrocution during tree trimming, in the hopes of preventing owner injuries or death.

Unsafe Practices and Tools

Amateur tree workers or property owners attempting tree-trimming will often employ unsafe practices to remove limbs, branches or entire trees. Not only do they often fail to use any kind of personal protective equipment, but they also can be careless by using unstable metal ladders or un-insulated aerial lifts that can come into contact with live electrical lines. In addition, old and poorly maintained pole tools and chainsaws are commonly used to cut down limbs, also increasing the likelihood of an electrocution.

Undetected Power Lines

One of the aspects that makes tree trimming so dangerous is that power lines can be very hard to detect, especially in heavy and overgrown trees with tall crowns. Property owners and untrained tree crews will often fail to thoroughly inspect the tree for electrical hazards such as power lines growing through the tree, or overhead power lines. Even if power lines are detected, untrained tree workers or property owners may still be electrocuted when cut tree limbs fall in the wrong direction and come into contact with the trimmer and power line.

Increased Risk After Stormy Weather

After storms, many property owners may have tree emergencies and are inclined to attempt their own tree trimming or debris removal to quickly clear their property or driveway. However, the risk for electrocution is much higher because of possible downed power lines, dangling tree limbs in contact with live lines, or decreased visibility by trimmers working in the evening. Also, property owners and amateur tree crews may be unaware of additional conductive objects in contact with live power lines due to heavy storms, such as metal fencing, gutters, and standing pools of water.

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