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Protect The Three P’s This Winter

When winter arrives in Houston, it’s not just people that need protection from the colder temperatures and icy weather. The reality is that many parts of our home and surrounding exterior need proper protection from the elements in order to prevent injuries and property damage. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at three specific things that need to be protected from winter weather and colder temperatures.

Protection for Plants

While Houston’s warm coastal climate allows a wider variety of plants and trees to thrive throughout the year, a large number of plants and flowers are extremely vulnerable to colder temperatures. When temperatures dip near the freezing point, vulnerable and exotic plants and flowers should be well protected with sheets or other coverings to prevent freezing. In addition, healthy organic mulch can be strategically applied to help protect the soil and root systems from freezing temperatures. Also, large trees should also be professionally pruned to avoid catastrophic tree damage in the event of icy weather and precipitation build up on branches.

Protection for Pipes

Property owners should always take great care to ensure that any exposed plumbing pipes outdoors are well insulated and covered during icy weather. Water trapped in pipes can freeze and cause massive pipe ruptures, leading to property flooding and very costly repairs. In addition, irrigation systems and automated sprinkler systems should also be winterized by Landscape Professionals to ensure that pipes and valves are not damaged during winter weather. Otherwise, icy temperatures could cause pipes to break and result in hidden water leaks that can devastate property health.

Protection for Pets

Pets are some of the most vulnerable victims of colder weather in Houston. Many dogs and cats are left outside and exposed to uncomfortably cold temperatures. It is important for Houston pet owners to protect their pets by bringing them inside during Houston’s colder winter weather to ensure they do not suffer or freeze to death.

Embark Services is pleased to help Houston property owners prepare for winter weather with a variety of top-quality services, including applying organic mulch, winterizing irrigation systems, and pruning trees to reduce property damage and tree damage from icy accumulations. Embark Services’s team of Certified Arborists and Landscape Professionals also offer a full range of tree and landscape services, including landscape maintenance, tree planting, tree removal, emergency tree services, weed control services, and seasonal planting and mulching. Contact Embark Services today for more information, or go online to request a free consultation!