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Understanding The Dangers of Tree Topping

There are many important facets of tree care and maintenance, including regular fertilization, correct hydration, root system protection, and proper tree pruning. When maintained correctly, a tree can grow and thrive for generations, but when tree care is performed incorrectly, it can severely harm the tree and even lead to tree death. One part of tree maintenance often performed incorrectly is tree pruning. Many amateur and untrained tree care workers perform tree topping, which is when large branches or whole tops of trees are removed, leaving stubs and gaping branches on the tree top.

Although tree topping is not a standard practice and is prohibited by national tree care standards, there are many amateur and untrained tree crews that still embrace the practice. It is crucial for residential property owners to understand the dangers of tree topping and avoid tree crews that offer to top trees as a pruning method.

The first danger of tree topping comes from the damage done to tree health, since the severe cuts diminishes the tree’s ability to gain nutrients and energy. The large, gaping wounds often created by tree topping can also leave the tree susceptible to tree diseases and invasive insects. In both instances, the tree can suffer irreparable damage, leaving owners to face tree death and tree removal.

In addition to damage to tree health, tree topping also creates an unstable environment for the tree and nearby property. The severity of the tree topping will often cause trees to overcompensate by stimulating drastic regrowth. This can lead to overgrown and heavy branches that are likely to break off, causing personal or property damage. Over time, tree topping will ultimately require increased pruning, maintenance and tree care costs, which is why less reputable and amateur tree crews prefer this method.

Finally, tree topping can harm the aesthetic value of the tree, particularly for large, historic trees in established neighborhoods. The beauty and shade of a tree can be severely diminished due to tree topping, and can cause a property to lose value. In addition, the shade lost because of tree topping can lead to higher cooling costs and the loss of privacy, particularly in residential neighborhoods.

Ultimately, trees benefit from professional tree care maintenance performed by Certified Arborists that understand how best to prune, fertilize, hydrate and care for trees. Embark Services is proud to offer property owners in the greater Houston area exceptional tree care maintenance services performed by a team of Certified Arborists. Embark Services offers a full range of tree services, including tree pruningtree plantingtree removaldeep root fertilizationirrigation installation and tree preservation services. Contact Embark Services today for more information on their tree care and landscaping services, or go online to request a free consultation.