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Preparations For Hurricane Season: After The Storm Has Passed

Hurricane season officially kicked off on June 1, and Houston’s close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico means we would likely be impacted by an approaching hurricane or tropical storm. Although there are many proactive steps we can take to minimize damages or personal injuries caused by hurricanes, we can never be completely protected from hurricane-strength winds, rains and flooding.  This is the second part of our series looking at ways to prepare for hurricane season, with last week’s blog focusing on hurricane preparation before storms hit.

It is critical to prepare as much as possible before a hurricane or tropical storm hits our area, and it is also important to have a plan in place for after a storm hits. Developing a strategic recovery plan will help homeowners and residential properties get back on their feet much sooner after a weather disaster strikes.

If history has a lesson for Houstonians, it’s to always expect downed trees and power lines after a major storm or hurricane. In 2008, Hurricane Ike left hundreds of thousands of Houston-area homes without power for weeks while utility crews raced to restore power lines and utility poles knocked down by falling tree branches and downed trees. Many homeowners did not know whom to call for emergency storm services to safely remove large trees and branches from their property, delaying their recovery and repair. Embark Services offers safe, efficient and reliable Emergency Storm Response teams 24 hours a day, all with the training, safety procedures, and proper equipment to handle tree removal and pruning near utility lines.

After a major storm or hurricane, property owners also need to make sure they evaluate all areas of the surrounding property for damages so they can be repaired on a timely basis, and also to avoid further damages or injury. Property owners should have structures, vehicles, fencing, exterior spaces and irrigation systems carefully inspected by professionals. Early detection ensures that damaged landscaping features, broken irrigation systems, or cracked ornamental stonework are not left unnoticed and can be included on insurance claims to reduce out of pocket costs.

Finally, property owners in Houston should always make sure that all trees on their residential property are thoroughly inspected by Certified Arborists to ensure they are stable and healthy after a hurricane or major storm. Large, leafy shade trees can easily disguise the hidden danger of a broken and dangling limb that can cause massive damage or personal injury. In addition, high winds can cause breaks or cracks that make the tree unstable over time, leading to the tree toppling over. Certified Arborists can use corrective tree pruning to remove broken or damaged branches, install cabling and bracing measures to stabilize weakened trees, or perform tree removal services for severely damaged trees.

Property owners can take proactive steps to help protect their property and outdoor assets before a hurricane strikes, and also make a strategic plan of action to quickly recover from hurricane damage to residential properties. Embark Services offers a full range of top-quality landscape and tree care services, all performed by Certified Arborists and Landscape Professionals that are experts in all facets of tree care and landscape health. In addition, all projects are performed utilizing industry-leading and award-winning safety techniques designed to keep our employees, clients and nearby property safe from harm. Contact Embark Services today for more information on their tree care services, including tree pruningtree removaltree plantingirrigation system repair, and emergency storm response. If you’re interested in a free consultation with Embark Services, go online to request a visit today!