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Palm Trees Benefit From Regular Tree Maintenance

The Houston area is home to a wide variety of trees due to our warm and humid climate. One variety commonly seen in Houston is the palm tree, which can grow to incredible heights, and offers tropical beauty to property owners. Although palm trees are not as high maintenance as other tree species, they still benefit from regular tree maintenance. To keep palm trees on your residential property healthy and beautiful, it is critical to ensure experienced tree professionals regularly maintain them.

During the summer months, many palm trees produce drupes, which are fruiting bodies with a fleshy outer layer covering a hard inner layer with a seed in the middle. For example, medjool palm trees produce drupes known as dates. If not properly maintained, palm tree drupes can create an ugly, messy and hazardous situation.

Without proactive tree maintenance, palm tree drupes can grow heavy and fall onto people or property below, causing massive injury or damage.

Drupes that fall on their own can land on an individual or nearby property, causing significant personal injury or property damage. As they ripen, they become heavier and can also cause unsightly stains on pavements, vehicles or other nearby property, creating both an unattractive area and also a walking hazard for visitors. The proactive removal of large drupes on palm trees can help eliminate the threat of damage or injury, and keep palm trees healthy and beautiful.

In addition to proactively removing dangerous palm drupes, palm tree maintenance can also include the removal of heavy palm fronds to ensure personal safety and property protection. Over time, palm trees can begin to accumulate dead fronds, which can grow very heavy and attract vermin.  Unbeknownst to many palm tree owners, palm fronds can crush or suffocate an individual, or damage nearby property.

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