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Three Ways Trees Can Be Hurt By Poor Tree Pruning

While trees that grow naturally in forests and other wooded areas live just fine without regular maintenance, trees planted in our urban city depend on tree pruning and other routine tree care in order to thrive. Unfortunately, not all tree maintenance is performed the correct way, and trees and their property owners can pay the price of poor tree pruning. In today’s blog post, we’ll focus on three ways trees can be damaged by poor tree pruning, and what property owners can do to ensure their trees get proper care and maintenance.

Tree Wounds From Improper Cuts

Pruning a tree is more than just lopping off random branches and limbs until a tree looks right to the tree pruner. Proper tree pruning involves understanding the tree’s biology and pruning needs, and also performing correct cuts so as to not injure the tree or leave gaping wounds. Often, amateur and untrained tree crews and day laborers cut too much from the tree, and leave large wounds that attract invasive insects and devastating tree diseases.

Over Pruning Trees

One of the worst eyesores in a Houston neighborhood or residential property is the sight of an otherwise healthy tree absolutely butchered by amateur tree crews. Some of these untrained tree companies offer tree pruning at a cut-rate cost, but leave the property owners with nearly bare trees, or trees that are so over-pruned that any future growth will cause the tree to become uneven and unstable. Although excessive tree pruning means property owners can go longer before needing tree pruning again, it can often leave trees so damaged that they might not survive the next tree pruning.

Unsafe Tree Pruning

In many of Houston’s older neighborhoods, tree pruning can often become much more difficult because of the close proximity of utility poles and power lines. Unfortunately, some amateur tree pruners attempt to perform this type of dangerous tree pruning without the proper training or OSHA credentials to ensure total worksite and worker safety. Unsafe tree pruning near utility lines can lead to electrocution for the worker, and can lead to tree fires or even property damage.

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