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How Adding Trees Can Improve Your Health

Americans are eager for new ways to improve their health, whether through new exercise routines, diet changes, or trying new vitamins or supplements. Another way people can make small improvements in their health while also improving their property is through the addition of trees to residential properties. Trees offer various types of health benefits and added value to property owners. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at three primary ways trees can positively impact an individual’s long-term health, as well as their property.

Reduce Allergy Issues

For a large number of people living and working in the greater Houston area, seasonal allergies are a growing problem as pollen levels can make it difficult to be outside at all. For homeowners, their allergy problems may lie with certain species of trees that release heavy amount of pollen into the air. Homeowners can reduce potential allergy issues by only planting trees that emit low levels of pollen into the air, such as magnolias, dogwoods, crepe myrtles, or Bradford pears.

Abundant Tree Shade

One of the biggest complaints about warmer weather in Houston is that the heat and humidity can make it hard for residents to want to spend any time outdoors exercising or enjoying their yards. When shade trees are added to residential properties, property owners can enjoy more time outside without fear of direct sunlight or blazing heat disrupting their time. Shaded areas can make it safer for young children and the elderly to spend time outdoors, as they are typically the most vulnerable to high heat and humidity.

Creates Tranquil Space

Trees can make a huge difference in providing a relaxing, peaceful exterior space for property owners to relax and unwind. This can help reduce overall stress levels and improve productivity. In addition, healthy trees also improve air quality and reduce noise pollution in the surrounding areas, which is especially critical for homes near high traffic areas or industrial parks.

Trees are valuable to residential property owners because of both the immediate and long-term value they offer financially, environmentally, and aesthetically. Embark Services offers residential property owners throughout the greater Houston area top quality tree care services to ensure years of tree enjoyment. Embark Services’s team of Certified Arborists offer a full range of tree care services, including Tree Pruning, Tree Planting, Tree Removal, Irrigation Installation and Repair, Deep Root Fertilization, Cabling and Bracing, Soil Aeration, and Root Flare Excavation. Contact Embark Services today for more information, or go online to request a free consultation!