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Three Ways To Prepare Your Trees For Spring

When it comes to keeping your property healthy, it’s important to note that trees should never be overlooked when it comes to springtime preparation. Trees need just as much care and maintenance as lawns and gardens, especially if they are exotic, large, or valuable trees. In today’s blog post, we’ll highlight three specific ways trees should be prepared for spring growth to ensure optimal health and beauty.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is one of the best ways to prepare a tree for springtime growth. Not only is it an opportunity to remove dead or damaged limbs and branches, but it also promotes healthy and stable growth for the tree throughout the spring and summer months. When tree pruning is done before springtime growth begins, it allows the tree to heal and recover lost nutrients and energy resources in time for spring growth. Tree pruning can also be a great way to shape the tree for future growth to ensure it does not grow too close to nearby obstructions such as buildings or utility lines.

Deep Root Fertilization

Trees can also benefit with Deep Root Fertilization that helps promote root systems and tree growth before springtime growth begins. This is especially important for trees that have suffered from nearby soil compaction and diminished soil resources. Deep Root Fertilization allows trees to get specialized fertilizers directly into their root system, making the tree more stable and allowing roots to expand. Trees are healthier and are better able to withstand threats to their health such as drought, tree diseases or invasive insects.

Mulch Application

Another way trees can be prepared for springtime growth is through the application of organic mulch to trees. However, property owners should be careful to avoid creating volcano-shaped mounds of mulch that can actually hinder tree health and growth. Organic mulch should be applied around the perimeter of the tree, but should not contact the tree base at all. Instead, there should be a 3-4 inch layer of mulch underneath most of the tree’s canopy for maximum benefit. Mulch protects the tree’s moisture levels and can help deter weed growth, which can rob trees of their nutrient and energy resources.

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