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Does My Tree Need Lightning Protection?

For residential property owners, trees are some of the most prominent and valuable parts of the landscape. Unfortunately, trees can suffer damage from a variety of sources, such as high winds, heavy rains, and invasive insects. While trees cannot be completely protected from these problems, tree owners do have options when it comes to protecting trees from other kinds of damage, such as lightning damage. In today’s blog post, we’ll discuss the three primary benefits of Lightning Protection for residential property trees.

Tree Is Better Protected From Major Damage

Lightning strikes are known to completely devastate trees, causing major burns, fires, or significant breaks in the tree structure. A single bolt of lightning can carry over 80 million volts of electricity and reach temperatures of over 30,000 Fahrenheit. Lightning protection services can minimize the impact of lightning strikes by dispersing the electricity and heat away from the tree to the surrounding soil instead. Lightning protection systems can ensure that the tree branches, trunk, and tree roots are spared from major damages caused by lightning strikes that would otherwise destroy or kill a tree.

Protects Surrounding Property

Lightning Protection Services also protect residential property owners by protecting their homes, vehicles, and other structures from side flashes that often occur with lightning strikes. When a lightning bolt strikes, there are usually side flashes of electricity that flare out from the primary bolt, striking nearby people, trees and property. These side flashes can also trigger property fires, and reducing these threats is another added benefit of Lightning Protection Services.

Preserves Tree Value and Beauty

Even if an unprotected tree is not completely destroyed by a lightning strike, it can still suffer significant and lasting damage to the tree branches, canopy and tree roots. Property owners may lose valuable shade and also see a decrease in aesthetic value as trees with lightning damage are often left warped or burnt. This is especially true for trees with historic or financial value. In addition, trees directly struck by lightning may need costly maintenance, whereas trees with Lightning Protection may need only minor repairs or treatment.

Houston property owners can greatly benefit from Lightning Protection Services for their mature, valuable, or historic trees. Embark Services offers Lightning Protection System installation for residential property owners to help protect the health, beauty and value of trees for years to come. Embark Services also offers a full range of tree and landscape services, including Landscape Maintenance, Tree Pruning, Tree Planting, Tree Removal, Irrigation Installation, Weed Control Services, Vegetation Management, Emergency Tree Services, and Seasonal Planting and Mulching. Contact Embark Services for more information, or go online to request a free consultation.