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Embark Services can protect your trees through lightning protection systems to avoid tree damage like this tree suffered due to lightning strikes.Trees grow in value to us for many reasons, whether it is for aesthetic or historical value, or because of their rarity within our local regions. As trees become more precious to us, protecting these important assets is key to maintaining their value, sustaining tree health and ensuring tree enjoyment for years to come. A leading cause of tree damage and tree death each year is lightning strikes, but through the installation of lightning protections systems, we can avoid the expense and heartache of losing and removing valuable trees.

The average lightning strike can produce over 80 million volts of electricity and generate temperatures of over 40,000 degrees Fahrenheit. A single bolt of lightning can cause water within tree branches to steam, tree sap to reach a boiling point, and wood strips and bark pieces to explode from the impact. Even if a tree does not show visible signs of a lightning strike, a lightning bolt can still pass electricity down through the tree trunk to the vulnerable root system, causing severe tree decline and tree death.

However, lightning protection systems offer protection to trees through diffusing the amount of electrical surge between storm clouds and the ground. A properly installed lightning protection system will prevent the tree from sustaining a direct lightning strike, and will instead cause the electricity to pass harmlessly to the ground and not impact the root system. In addition, the lightning protection system also works to decrease the likelihood of side flashes that can also cause damage to nearby trees, buildings, property and people.

The Certified Arborists of Embark Services utilize quality materials and industry-leading installation techniques to ensure thorough and secure protection for your trees and surrounding property. Whether your protecting trees at your home, business or apartment complex, Embark Services can provide top quality lightning protection systems to meet all your tree protection needs. Request a visit today from their Certified Arborists or contact Embark Services today.

The quality of work performed is under American National Standard Institute for Tree Care Operations (ANSI 300). Tree, shrub, and other woody plant maintenance-Standard Practices.  All work performed is under the American National Standard.

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