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What Can Tree Evaluations Reveal About Your Tree?

Routine checkups help us learn the current state of our personal health, and if changes are needed, such as increased exercise, a change in diet, or taking medicine to treat an ailment. Our trees can also benefit from regular tree evaluations by Certified Arborists to inspect all areas of the tree to ensure they remain in optimal health throughout their life. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at what tree evaluations can reveal about our tree’s health, stability and beauty.

Tree Damages

Regular tree evaluations by Certified Arborists can help tree owners learn about wounds and hidden damages that might be threatening their tree health. Tree wounds can make the tree more susceptible to invasive insects and various tree diseases. In addition, broken tree limbs or dangling branches pose a safety threat to nearby people and property, but regular tree inspections can identify these issues early to allow for corrective measures.

Diseases and Insects

While some tree diseases and insects infestations are plainly visible to property owners, many others are harder to correctly identify and treat, especially when they are in higher elevations of the tree. Certified Arborists have the equipment, experience, and skill to thoroughly inspect all areas of trees for invasive insects and deadly tree diseases. Early detection results in more effective disease and insect treatments, and ultimately a greater chance that the tree will survive and thrive for many more years.

Poor Root Systems

Certified Arborists are experts at identifying all facets of tree health, from the crown of the canopy to the tree roots below ground. In fact, tree roots are some of the most vulnerable parts of a tree, but unfortunately, many amateur tree crews and landscapers have no experience or training on how to properly care for or protect tree roots. Regular tree evaluations from Certified Arborists can identify existing or potential tree root problems, such as soil compaction, construction damage, soil contamination, or incorrect soil pH levels.

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